Baked Apples

4 Organic Apples

2 Tsp Organic Cinnamon

1 Tsp Organic Carmadon

1 Tsp Organic Nutmeg

2 Tbs Organic Raw Butter

2 Tbs Organic Cocnut Sugar

Organic Coconut Ice Cream for topping


Wash your organic apples throughly and try to remove as much core as possible. Top each apple with the above ingredients divided evenly except for the coconut ice cream. I like to put the butter over the top of the spices. Bake these apples openly on a baking sheet with a rim as they may bubble over. Bake at 350-375 for an hour or more depending on size of the apple. Serve warm topped with coconut ice cream or whipped raw cream. Enjoy a dessert without the guilt and added sugars. Nice to serve for company and you can make them look so pretty too with garnish like a mint leaf.