Chelle's Organic Chicken Sandwich

1 Lb Organic Pasture Raised Chicken Breast Grilled/Sliced

4 Organic Raw Cheddar Cheese sliced

1/2 Cup Cranberry Apple Sauerkraut(Made my own)

Softened Organic Raw Butter

4 Tbsps. Avocado Mayo ( Primal)

8 Pieces Organic Sourdough Cinnamon Raison Bread(Made my own)

Sandwich Press

Preheat the press. Butter the bread press side down. Spread the mayo on the inside of the bread. Put the sandwich together by laying the sliced chicken down, then spreading the sauerkraut and top with cheese and bread. Place in the sandwich press for about four minutes. Serve with chutney and homemade coleslaw.