Coconut Yogurt

5 Young Green Coconuts Organic

This is a wonderful yogurt recipe that is dairy free and no fillers or sweetener.  This is so easy to make. If there is any difficulty in doing this, it will be cutting the coconuts open.  Once you get the hang of it, it is a breeze.  The coconuts in certain areas of the country may be hard to find to purchase.  Many of the Asian and Mexican markets have them and are usually a little less costly and fresher as they sale many of them.  Start out by tapping a circle around the top or cap of the coconut with the chef knife sharp side  (corner) down at the butt of the blade.  Once you have fully pierced the circle cap, pop it off and pour the lovely coconut juice out through a strainer, reserve all the juice.  It's very nutritious and some call it nature's gatorade due to all the  electrolytes.  Once you have popped the cap and drained the juice, you can spoon the luscious meat out.  Take all the meat and drop into your vitamix with one cup of the juice and your favorite probiotic, then blend to perfection.  Spoon into a 32 ounce jar (mason jar) leaving about an inch or more at top.  I like to turn the oven light on and let it ferment in my oven for 12-24 hours, just until the tartness has arose to my taste.  Here it will thicken and grow in size without added harmful fillers!! You may want a tray under them as they can bubble over with growth.  The lid should be slightly tightened.  After that time frame, put in the fridge and watch it continue to grow.  We usually start eating ours the next day.  You won't need to eat much as its concentrated.  There is no added junk in it to make more.  I eat about 3 tablespoons each morning with raw organic cereals added as well as nuts and fruits.  ENJOY as the cost of purchasing this in a health food store if you can find it is $35 per 32 ounce jar.  This will cost you less than half of that plus you will end up with fresh organic coconut water.  That is also very pricey!