2 Head Cabbage

6 Tbsp of Dynamite Natural Trace Mineral Salt

1 Gallon Glass Jar With Fermenting Lid and Jar Weights

Now this is where it gets interesting. I have made five batches of sauerkraut and every batch different.  This most recent batch is vibrant rich in red/purple color.  I used two heads of organic purple cabbage, 1/2 cup of horseradish root shredded, two shredded organic carrots, three candy cane organic beets shredded and 1/4 organic ginger shredded.  So here is how I was taught to make it by my functional medicine doctor. Slice your cabbage heads up as thin as you can.  Place each sliced head in a large bowl and add 3 Tbsp of salt to each batch.  Massage each batch for twelve minutes. 

There should be just enough moisture from the massaged batch that you can see it at the top of the cabbage.  You can then mix in all the other ingredients combining all into one bowl and massage longer.  Once well combined spoon carefully into the glass jar.

Make sure you are compacting  when you are filling the jar. Place weights on top of compacted kraut. You may have to add a little water.  You want to make sure all the kraut is submerged.  Then apply fermenting lid.  Takes 1-3 weeks to ferment to desired taste.  Check every five days.  Taste when you check it.  I have yet to have a failed batch.  All my batches have taken one week, except one and it took three weeks.