Scoby after 1 week
Strawberry & Lemon Flavoring
Bottled waiting to refrigerate

Kombucha Brew

1 Organic Kombucha Scoby (Amazon has them)

6 Organic Black Tea Bags

6 Organic Green Tea Bags

1 1/2 cups of Organic Coconut Sugar

1 Gallon Glass Jar

8" x 8" Square Piece of Cheese Cloth

Boil filtered water to fill gallon jar, add Coconut Sugar stir, then add the tea bags. Allow the sweet tea to cool to room temperature (this can take several hours and is important as the Scoby does not like heat). Place your Scoby starter in the brew and cover jar opening with cheese cloth. Date the jar and wait for three weeks to move to flavoring step.

Flavor Your Kombucha Brew

2 Cups Organic Strawberries

1 Cup Organic Freshly Squeezes Lemon Juice

Remove the Scoby from your brew and place it in your next batch. I like to pour the Kombucha brew through organic cotton or hemp T shirt type material as a filtration step, but this is not a must. Next prepare your flavoring. I usually put everything in the Vita-mix. Your will need 2-3 cups of your finished flavoring mix to add to the Brew for its final fermentation step. Once its added to the brew and capped with a tight lid, let it set for 4 days in a cool place out of direct sun light. You will notice the lid to start to bulge and may even hear gas escaping now and then as it ferments. This is a good sign. After 4 days pour your brew through a strainer into a large bowl that will allow you to pour the brew into bottles. Allow the bottles to sit out for a day and then refrigerate and enjoy. You can find many different ideas on flavoring. This is just one idea we did recently as we had an abundance of lemons and strawberries grow year around here. Making this yourself is so much cheaper than buying it plus you can control what goes into it!