Healthier Libations

Watermelon Martini


2 Cups Organic Fresh Juiced including Rind and Seeds Watermelon

1/2 Organic Lime Juiced Plus Zest

1/2 Organic Medium Sized Jalapeno

2-4 Ounces Organic Vodka

1 Pinch Of Salt

1 Tbsp. Of Local Raw Honey

Organic Coconut Sugar For Rim Of Glass



Blend all elements excepts garnishes and coconut sugar in the Vitamix. Pour blended libation into cocktail shaker with ample ice. Shake until well chilled. Lime the rim of your cocktail glass and dip into coconut sugar. Pour the libation into the glass, garnish with sliced jalapeno and slice of lime. Serve immediately! Makes two nice sized cocktails.

Sangria Champagne Cocktail


1 Organic Bottle Red Wine

2 Organic Lemon

2 Organic Lime

1 Organic Peach

1 Bottle Champagne

1/4 Cup Local Raw Honey

1/4 Cup Clean Water


You will need a large glass vessel to put the Sangria together in to overnight. Pour the bottle of red wine into the vessell and zest in the lemon and lime from each citrus. Then squeeze the juice from the lemon and lime into the vessel. Slice the other lemon and limes and put the slices into the vessel. I also sliced a white peach over the vessel careful to not loose any of the precious juice. Once sliced I added the white peach slices into the vessel. Put a lid on it and let it sit over night. I made a simple syrup with the honey and water. You just boil the water and honey until well blended and then jar up and cool and put in fridge overnight. When you are ready to serve the Sangria Champagne cocktail, you can add 1/2 to all of the simple syrup and 1/2 bottle of champagne into the vessel. I actually put the sangria into the champagne glass and then topped with the champagne as I wanted it to sparkle longer. Garnish with the fruit.We dont want to waste that fruit that soaked up the merlot. This is so refreshing and I nice way to end summer with stonefruits! Cheers!

Grape Mimosa


2 Organic Grapefruit

1 Bottle Champagne


Juice the fruit of two large organic grapefruits and chill. Your Champagne is already chilling and I like to use a brut but a sweeter champagne maybe a added addition to the grapefruit. Once chilled, pour 3/4 of a chilled glass of sparkles and then top of the last quarter with the pulpy grapefruit juice. Garnish with something pretty.  Serve quickly. This is such an amazing drink. I love it, especially on a hot day or at a Sunday brunch. Enjoy all that vitamin C. Cheers.

Vanilla Stout Shake


4 Ounces Vanilla Stout Beer

2 Ounces Bailys Pumpkin Spice Irish Cream

4 Ounces Organic Almond Milk

1 Heaping Cup Vanilla Organic Ice Cream


Measure out your pours into a blender. I blended on low and did not add ice. It will be thicker and not so strong if you add ice. I used a chilled pilsner glass to serve it. It is a dessert libation for sure and seasonal. If you dont want it to be seasonal, you can use the orginal Bailys Irish Cream. For garnish and extra taste and fun, I heated a vegetable peeler under warm water and obtained white chocolate curls off my organic white chocolate bar. This drink will rock your sweet stout world. Cheers.

Stout An Eggnog


4 Oz. Homemade Aged Eggnog

2 Oz. Organic Chocolate Stout Beer

1/4 Tsp Organic Cacao

3-4 Organic Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Organic Raw Whipping Creme


Pour 4 ounces of your eggnog into a deep martini glass. The eggnog I used is nearly 60 days aged now with rum, cognac and bourbon. I will put this recipe out in a few weeks. I am sure any homemade organic eggnog would suffice delish. I then slowly added the thick stout beer on top and added my garnish's. Sip slowly and enjoy the taste of home craft.

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