Lyla's Blue Iced Cream

1 13.66 FL OZ Organic coconut cream full fat and BPA free lined can (THAI Kitchen is a good one)

1 TBSP Vanilla ( I make my own with organic vanilla pods and vodka seeping for six months)

1 TSP Dynamite Natural trace mineral salt

1/2 cup Organic raw coconut sugar

1/4 cup Fresh blueberry compote

I like to take a medium sized saucepan and melt the coconut milk slowly on low heat adding all other ingredients.  It makes a smoother and consistent batter for freezing.  It just adds more time as you have to cool the batter unless you have a pre-cool element in your ice cream freezer which I do. Add the cooled batter to your freezer and enjoy. Makes a generous amount for four servings.