Simple and Complex Slaw

Simple and Complex Slaw


 4 Organic Ounces Soba Noodles

1 Organic Small Purple/Green Cabbage

12 Organic Brussel Sprouts

4 Organic Carrots

1 Bunch Organic Green Onions

Peanut-Sesame Dressing

1/2 Cup Organic Peanut Butter

3 Tbsp Organic White Wine Vinegar/Rice Vinegar

3 Tbsp Organic Sesame Oil

3 Tbsp Organic Coconut Aminos

2 Tbsp Raw Honey/Organic Maple Syrup

1 Tbsp Organic Grated Fresh Ginger

2 Organic Garlic Cloves Minced/Pressed


Organic Peanuts Chopped

Handful Organic Cilantro

1 Organic Lime Wedged

Organic Chilli Sauce Optional


Cook the noodles per directions on the package. Rinse well in cold water and drain before returning to the pan. Prepare the veggies in a food processor. Use the slicing disk to shed the cabbage and sprouts. Grate the carrots with the grating disk. Chop the green onions. To prepare the dressing in a 2 cup measuring cup, whisk together all the dressing ingredients until smooth. You can thin the dressing out with a little water if too thick to drizzle over and mix in slaw. You may have to add a little salt. In a large serving bowl, mix the noodles and veggies together well and then mix in the drizzled peanut sauce. Allow the sauce at least 20 minutes to marinade well. Serve with chopped peanuts on top and a sprig of cilantro and lime wedge. We ate this for three days and also added grilled shrimp. Plenty of delish.