How Does Your Winter Garden Grow?

Living on the central coast of California provides a year long growing season for my garden to table. I am new to the area and still learning about gardening in general and what grows here in the different seasons. My husband Randy and I have a joint venture in our garden boxes. We choose garden boxes as we have little property. Most of the outdoor land we have is shared with our outdoor Crossfit box and our mini citrus and avocado trees. We were blessed with Pinot Noir wine grapes that a friend gave us and definitely got those into the ground express route lol!

Most anybody can grow food. When we built our first garden boxes, we used reclaimed wood we had that had not been treated with chemicals. The boxes were built in size for a spot we had cleared free of grass that was costly to maintain in the California drought years. If you are going to water something, make it something to eat. The soil was also something we considered. Rather than planting straight into the ground where the grass was previously, we put those boxes in and laid down new organic soil. Decreasing our chances of ingesting harmful chemicals from previous owners that may have used on the grass to kill weeds or enhance their growing conditions, such as fertilizers.

Another method of growing food that does not take up much room are growing sacks. We have potatoes planted in them now. There are also stacking garden boxes and tower gardens. You can also have a small green house or plant your garden inside. The idea is to find what works for you in your area and your life style.

Stay tuned for more garden to table ideas. Please check back frequently for the release of my first published book and share my website to help others thrive!

This is broccoli and brussel sprouts growing side by side