2017 Motivation!

Oh boy 2017 is here and we may need some motivation to enter into a fitness realm. As I write this article I realize not everyone is like me, born to run, jump and swim. I even dream about exercise. Why not use some of my enthusiasm and knowledge to help get you going into 2017?

The first thing I want you to consider is your attitude. In your own mind, ask yourself how do I feel about exercise? If your ego is firing a message to you that is not positive, then we are off to a poor start already. Get rid of that negative Nancy attitude and look for the joy that will come from becoming fit in so many ways. You may have had a experience in the past that still is hanging over your head. Let go, I mean why let something that happened in the past keep you from becoming fit in the future? Pray about it!

Finding the fitness program that fits your need should be an easy task. In today's day and age there is SO MUCH fitness to pick from. If you know me well, you already know I am going to suggest CrossFit. CrossFit is on my forefront with the fitness wheelhouse for the mere reason, the average athlete can get it done in one hour or less. During that one hour of training session, you will have one or more certified Crossfit instructors on the floor at all times. The programming(the movements you will be doing that day) will be prepared for you in advance. The person that is doing the programming is making sure these movements are well thought out and making us stronger and fitter one day at a time. Creating movements that truly are creative and functional. That helps us to perform our household and work duties in a productive and safe manner. Crossfit can be scaled to meet anybodys fitness level or disabilities. Most of the equipment we use in crossfit is provided. The price may prohibit one from joining in on the fun. Shop around as there are more and more CrossFit boxes(gyms) popping up all the time. Ask for a discount. Family, first responder and referral are some of the discounts I know about. I even know of a CrossFit box who offers a scholarship to a less fortunate family once a year-AMAZING GRACE!

Now I am aware that CrossFit is not for everyone. I even rebuked it at first but once I joined in, I was hooked. Stay tuned for more blogging on fitness tips. My book will also inspire you to get fit, Through The Eyes Of The Master. The book will be available to purchase on February first. The link will be provided soon. Until then, " I Work Out!