Ok So I am Freaking Just A Little!

Because you have been faithful, supportive and interested in your health journey, you have early access to the link to purchase my first published book, Through The Eyes Of A Master! My prayer is my book will change the way you think and act in at least one aspect of your life if not more. I feel very blessed to have accomplished a task of writing and then publishing a book. My personal goal of writing this book is to help inspire others to stay healthy, become healthly and overcome obstacles and conquer your goals. Even if I help only ONE person, I have accomplished my goal. I can not even began to thank all the people who have helped me conquer my goals, the list is huge. They are people who never stopped believing in me. My friend Diana finally put the pressure on me to finish this book and get it out to the public and I owe so much of my soul to her for never doubting me and coaxing me to finish it gently of course.

Drum roll please, here are the links to purchase the book and the kindle version.

Through the Eyes of a Master Paperback

Through the Eyes of a Master Kindle Edition

If you prefer a signed copy, I have them in stock now and will ship and sign personally to you. Just text me at 530 604 6596 and I will give you the skinny run down.

Thank you for your support and enjoy the book, hugs and kisses