Just a touch of my book and some new recipes

It has been amazing these past seven days with the release of my FIRST published book. Who would have known marketing and the sales of my book would turn into a full time job just like training for the CrossFit World Games was? It is a good time to remind myself and everyone, nutrition, exercise and meditation need to be at our forefronts in order for us to function at our optimal levels. That may mean not selling as many books as I could in one day but selling more over my lifespan.

Speaking of optimal, I added two more recipes that will help us fire at optimal levels through medicinal foods. Detox with a juice and protect your gut while getting calories through non dairy coconut fermented yogurt. Check out all my recipes I have posted so far by just clicking onto the recipe page.

I decided to share the Preface of my book today and next week maybe a little more, like maybe a chapter!!!!!


The world we work, play, and exercise in today is no longer a healthy environment. The battle is on, now more than ever, to preserve our health through abundant God-given nutrition, functional movement, detoxification, positive thoughts, and spirituality. Have you ever dived into this arena, only to become overwhelmed and lacking in hope? Take heed—I am here to tell you that it’s your ego playing with you. There is hope, and with a little work—plus knowledge—making changes in your health will soon become your successful destiny. You will encounter journeys and realizations, and you will see things you never knew were possible for others or you. Allow me to take you through my two CrossFit Games. CrossFit is a functional fitness program that anyone can do at any fitness level, all the way to a world-class level. This was an opportunity I stumbled on while trying to find my way to bring my own fitness and nutrition to higher levels.

This book asserts that becoming fit and healthy can be simply interpreted and structured into anyone’s lifestyle. Lacking positive motivation will no longer be a question or reality in your mind. I wrote this book because I wanted to share with you that you can and will be better prepared to step up your health in a multifaceted style. Most important, know that these methods are not rocket-scientist designs but necessary and easy enough for beating sickness and disease. Anyone can do this, regardless of age or disabilities.

Learn CrossFit competitive-training secrets as I hold back nothing. You might want to compete in a sport or even CrossFit. CrossFit’s benefits cross over into all aspects of your life. If you are yearning for a change in your life, it’s more than likely health-related restlessness. So let us begin the journey together, and let’s not forget to enjoy the journey.

For nothing will be impossible with God ~ Luke 1:37.