What is behind the doorway of your heart?

Last week I was out on foot pounding the pavement in my surrounding neighborhood. My goal was to put 200 flyers on the neighbors doors inviting them to my first open house and book signing. This put me in a position where I saw and touched many doors. The doors had so much to say to me. Many were very stark and lonely. Some were glossy and colorful. Others were in excellent condition. The ones that needed repair also spoke to me. It was quite a conversation I had going on inside me. A conversation I rather enjoyed and it inspired me to blog about it. I wondered what was going on inside each and everyone of those homes. It gave me the idea to pray blessings over each home I encountered.

My thought process then escaped to our own human bodies. What is really behind the doorway of our hearts both mentally and physically? Let us talk some physical first. Some of us spend time and money on the exterior of our bodies. We dress a certain way, style our hair, tan, workout, cosmetics and the list goes on. We look really good on the exterior. Body is muscular, color is good, no seen blemishes on the face. Hair is nice and thick from product or maybe some hair extensions. Chests might even be a little perky from enhancement surgeries. My mind can not help thinking what is really going on beyond each of those doors of our hearts, inside our bodies.

We need to deal from the inside out, the root so to speak. Well, exactly how do we approach this? Firstly, what we put into our mouths is going into our guts with a bang! I can write a whole separate article about the gut and I will later. We really need to be addressing our diet first and foremost. What if a person invested as much time and money in preparing their diet as they do grooming their exteriors. There would be time to plant, to grow and maintain a garden. Money and time to shop organic. Enough time to prepare fresh foods full of vital nutrients rather than deadly chemicals. There would be time to shop fresh several days a week rather than stocking your cupboards with boxed and plastic bagged prepared foods that are linked to causing so many diseases. There would be time for the whole family to get involved and learn together. Time to teach your children about health so they can pass this vital info on. Nearly all diseases are linked to unhealthy foods we eat in some form or another.

It can be overwhelming, costly and time consuming to start eating in a way that fully benefits the insides of our bodies. For my family it has been an process over time and we are still learning everyday. We have chosen to sacrifice some social events to provide the necessary time to prepare nearly all of our meals made fresh and organic. We have given up many beauty amenities that are laced with chemicals which provides us with a healthier lifestyle and saved both money and time. Once we prioritize that we want to optimize our health through nutrition, we can quickly find the options available to us.

The last thought I want to bring up is just that, our thoughts! How our thoughts affect us is huge. Again, if we do all these exterior things to look good on the outside just for others to see, it's not going to help us with whats going on in the inside. Your thoughts drastically effect your health at a cellular level. The mind is a very powerful thing. We have a choice on how we perceive and feel things. It's important to stay as positive and uplifting as possible. Of course things are going to happen that are not positive, but we choose how we continue to perceive those things and how we deal with them. That's what we have control over and that is a huge opportunity for us to turn something sour into something sweet.

As I close today, take a moment to think about your own heart and what really goes on inside it this Valentine day. Maybe February is a good month to start making additional healthy choices and throw out some positive vibes to your beautiful family, friends, coworkers and even strangers. Its truly amazing what comes out of being healthy inside and out. Enjoy my new book, check out the two new recipes and my first book review from a flight attendant. Ms. Deb Naylor.

Peace and Love,