Ch.13 Preparing and completing the CrossFit Open.....

2013 Crossfit Open prep

"The open can be intimidating for many people. Experience and being prepared can eliminate a lot of unnecessary stress and wasted energy. Your prior training should have you well prepared and in your best shape for the five weeks of the open. Have an experienced coach guide you. Listen to your coach, and do what he or she says to the best of your availability. The more experience you have as a CrossFitter, the more you will improve at the open. I was nervous when I did my first CrossFit open in 2013. I definitely lacked experience, but in a way, I think that may have helped me stay calm and productive because I didn’t know what to expect. What I disliked the most about the open in 2013 was being such a beginner as a CrossFit athlete. Being from a newer box, we all lacked experience. I repeated all my WODs except one. That’s how I made it to the games in 2013—that, combined with being consistent. My coach and I would sit and strategize on what to do differently and how to get a better score on the repeat. The way I “WODed” back then, I exerted a lot more nonproductive work, but because I was in such great shape, I got away with it. We would clean up some of it on the repeat, but form and technique still lacked. Because I had to repeat so many of the WODs, I lost a lot of productive training time. I was always recovering during the open to commit to the next WOD or repeat the previous WOD. Some of those WODs that Dave Castro programmed felt terrible. Each time I repeated a WOD, my score was always better. My drive and my becoming a little more efficient are what attributed to the better scores."

This is only a small portion of chapter 13 covering three years of the CrossFit Open. Now that I have your interest you can get the "Rest of the Story" through this link to the book.

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