A retired masters games athlete does CrossFit open 17.1!

February 28, 2017


17.1 was really fun for me.  It is the first time I have done a open WOD since my competitive career with CrossFit started, just for enjoyment.  Although I was tempted to push myself to the brink, I chose not.  Making a choice like that is very hard for me as in the past I have delivered only one gear.  As fast as I can without passing out or injuring myself.  Some of you that have read my book know I made a foolish mistake on 25 m sprints.  We will not go there right now.  Lets just say I am very grateful to be able to do 17.1. I want to elaborate a bit about the 17.1.  My goal was to have a steady pace that allowed me to stay unbroken, no resting and to have fun.  The only fun I did not have was the last few burpees. My brain told me several times to speed up, but I refused that offer.  My brain also told me I was slowing down a few times on the burpees, I then focused on keeping that pace consistent after adding a little speed back.  I am very happy with my time and I really mean that! I hope you can take something away from this article that will help you physically or mentally.  Also I wish I had faced the camera!  Sorry about the backside shots or not lol!!!!


Enjoy the two new recipes I sent out!  Today I made the most amazing Vanilla Date Protein Shake which I will share next week.  I love making my own food and sharing what I am learning.  We planted our tomatoes plants this week in the garden as well as cucumber.  Persimmons and pomegranates have become a favorite  lately, so we planted four trees, two of each.  I mean if you are gonna water something, you better be eating it!  


The first book signing I had went well.  We had a steady flow.  I am working on a book tour now and also getting into the local book stores.  My book is now with Barnes and Noble online as well as Amazon.  What I love the most is signing and praying over each and everyone of these books that I get to mail out personally.  Gives me so much satisfaction in my heart of hearts!


Here are the links to purchase the books online at Amazon  and Barnes&Noble.


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