Why Adaptogen Herbs?

Adaptogen Herbs

Many of you may have noticed that my second meal of the day is usually a smoothie. My recipes do not reflect the powerful adaptogen herbs I always add just before blending. That's because I want you to always check with your functional medicine doctor first before you add them. It is also important to be most cost effective with them, so without testing, you won't know what it is that you need for your own protocol. I discovered these medicinal herbs last year and I can not imagine living my life without them now.

I have battled with my own hormones since my mid thirties, at least that is when I became aware of hormone imbalance in my own body. Unfortunately I never realized at the time to look at how stressful I was living my life, from dysfunctional relationships. environmental toxicity, poor diet choices, lacking proper rest, over exercising and the list goes on. Now finally at the near ripe age of 57, I have enough ammunition to attack the root of my imbalances and put the imbalance to a healthy stance.Part of that stash of information are these beautiful herbs. They help to bring the hormones of the adrenal glands in check and prevent fatigue to the adrenals. They get us out of that chronic stress flight many of us are soaring around in full time. When stress comes, our body goes into a flight or fight mode. Unfortunately many of us are living in that constant state which will eventually cause health problems and disease. The adaptogen herbs have a special way of helping us to recover from stress quickly and balance us back out, giving those adrenals due rest. They allow us to keep the stress level in our bodies at a desirable level. That will help us to thrive at optimal health.Exercise causes stress to our bodies, these herbs will help us recover quickly, BOOM! Do you get it yet? I wish I had been taking these herbs while training for the games!

What type of Adaptogen herbs are available? I have several love affairs going on with these herbs. My first pick is Ashwagandha. The list of what this herb does is cray cray big. The studies show it lowers cholesterol, boost the immune system, builds endurance and stamina, reduces depression and anxiety,improves the health of the thyroid and effective at balancing hormones,combats the effects of stress, reduces blood sugar levels, impedes the growth of cancer cells, brain function improvement including memory. Pretty sure I did not hit them all, but you can see the list is huge and everyone can fit in on this one. I buy an organic powder form of it for my smoothies. If I am traveling and run out of my pre-made smoothies, I have gel cap supplement form I can take.

Another pick is Holy Basil which is known for its soothing properties, ahhhh calmness! I love it. Supports the heart health and normal lipid profiles. It's very powerful against stress,relieves joint pain,and lowering blood glucose. When you study these adaptogen herbs, you will see many of them have the same benefits allowing us to stick with just a few of these wonderful antioxidants. I hope you will do some research and see which ones appeal or applies to you and check with your doctor and add them in soon. Remember to always spend the extra money and buy a quality product that is organic and pure. There should not be anything else added into it such as filler as with all foods we eat. If I had more garden space, I would grow some too. Many of these herbs come in the form of teas too, great for tea drinkers! Cheers.