What do you do when given lemons?

Let us address that title first from a mental approach. There is that saying "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!" Boy I am a true believer in that saying. Just read my book, Through The Eyes Of A Master and you will see how much lemonade I had to make to get to the World CrossFit Games the second time. I am still having to make lemonade as I work through each day of life. I choose to be happy and learn something positive from each disappointment that occurs. For me it is the only way to live.

Now what happens in my household when given lemons is first I do the happy dance of gratitude because I know the value and health worth of these volleyballs of gold(see the above photo on the left, lol! Thats my friend Lee in Redding, California just a few weeks ago) His facebook photo inspired me to write this blog today

Did you know that lemons are a superfood? Lemons boast a plethora of benefits as well as the intense flavor they provide to a variety of dishes and drinks.I started my addiction to lemons when I was looking to add raw and fresh antioxidants to my own diet.The flavonoids in the juice contain the antioxidants. Antioxidants in turn treat many ailments and conditions. I have always enjoyed lemons and used them, but mostly for flavor in foods and drinks. It was not until the last year I have added them into my diet daily in numerous ways after I learnt all they can do for our bodies and minds. Just smelling the lemon rind after it's been freshly picked and grated gives me a lovely vibe.

There are studies that have proven that drinking a half of a cup of lemon juice daily can prevent kidney stones. The juice increases the citrate level in the urine thus inhibiting the stones from forming or clumping to make bigger ones. Lemons have anticancer properties. The compound citrus limonoids protect cells from damage that can lead to influx of cancer cells. Lemon juice contains pectin, a soluble fiber that helps in weight-loss battles. I love this one, lemons provide a alkaline food which balances your ph to an alkaline level. I talk about how important it is in my book to keeping our ph levels alkaline because disease can not thrive in that environment, rather acidic ph. Eating foods like sugar, dairy and meat raise the acidic ph. Even though lemons are highly acidic, they are in the alkaline producing food arena. Lemon juice flushes out the toxins in our bodies as it helps the digestive tract flush out wastes.It prevents the problem of constipation and diarrhea by aiding in smooth bowel functions. Lemons help reduce pain and inflammation in joints because it dissolves uric acid.Okay ladies if you are not sold yet, here is a good one, lemon juice has immense benefits to the skin and prevents wrinkles and acne. Whoa! Right? The list just goes on and on as with all these plants God has provided us with in nature.

In my pursuit of lemons, I have learnt to use, eat and drink the whole lemon. There is a lot of yummy goodness in that pith and rind. So what are some of the ways I consume my lemons. I juice as many as 5 times a week and my juice always contains a full lemon. I also smoothie each day after I work out and I will put up to two whole limes in my smoothie. I love tastes that comes off those limes in the smoothie, so refreshing is how I would describe it. Lemons are loaded with potassium, so that's great for after working out along with nature's gatorade, coconut water fresh from the young coconut. I am getting sidetracked now. I also like to use fresh lemon juice and a grand amount of the zest in my homemade salad dressings. Zest everything, the more the merrier. I also like using the whole lemon to make a fermented lemonade which serves as a probiotic( that's the second picture above on the right). I like to add this into my diet for more gut health.You are getting all the benefits from a whole lemon plus the benefits of a probiotic. I make mine with local raw honey, so it is low in sugar and it's a good alternative to sodas for kids or even you.

Okay so let's have a little fun here. When I was asking my friend Lee for permission to use his photo, I told him I just had the idea of how to make a fresh healthier version of a lemon drop martini. Use your fresh organic lemon juice and fresh organic vodka and stevia and of course garnish with a slice of lemon. If you must have sugar on the rim, use organic raw coconut sugar. I might just try this and put the recipe up for you all.

So let me ask you, what are you going to do when you are given lemons and they just so happen to be in season in California, enjoy my friends, enjoy! Please subscribe to my website for free so I can keep you updated as I blog on health and exercise tips and check out the recipes I have been adding too. This week I added a sweet treat of a gluten free blueberry pie with a crisp topping and a yummy vanilla date protein smoothie. For goodness sake, if you have not read my new book yet, please do. Love and Peace, Chelle