Make Detoxing A Priority, Part 1!

You may be asking yourself, what is detox? What does it mean to detox and why should I have to detox? I went through those same group of questions over a year ago and what I learnt is I was lacking a lot of information and I needed to make detoxing a priority in my life and detox daily as well as quarterly. Everybody is different and what works for one person may not be the exact protocol for another. So as always, it's best to book a appointment with a functional medicine doctor. This way , one can focus on their own toxicity and also be guided by a professional.

When you are detoxing, you are cleansing the blood. Our body does this by removing the impurities from our blood in the liver. This is where toxins are processed for removal. Other parts of our bodies remove toxins as well. The kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system, intestines and skin are all responsible for contributing to the elimination of these dreaded toxins.

Lets chat real quick about ways to lessen the load of toxins getting into our body in the first place. Rid your house of harmful cleaning products. These products play havoc on us as we breath them in when cleaning not too mention penetrating into our skin unless we are using gloves. Some of it may even get into our foods and cosmetics if we are cleaning around those items. There are ways to make your own cleaning products without using harmful chemicals.Many of the stores now carry cleaning products that are not harmful or less harmful. Cosmetics and lotions are another big issue as they are laden with so many chemicals. You skin is your biggest organ and anything you put on it is going right into your body. There are lots of organic and natural lotions, creams, oils and cosmetics out there that have less chemicals in them now. You have to do your research and not rely on others or the companies that sell these items. There is one thing I learnt recently about organic cosmetics, if the ingredient is less than five percent, they don't have to list it!!! So you could still be getting chemicals. You can make so many of these things yourself. Coconut oil is not only become a huge staple as a food but also a cosmetic for both my husband and I as well as our guests. The water you are drinking is crucial. I would never drink a glass of water out of the tap anywhere unless it's filtered. It's crazy what is in the drinking waters now days and if you think because you have a well you are safe, you are more than likely dead wrong. Have your water tested and you might be shocked but I hope you find your water is pure and clean. City water has a lot of chemicals added to it, the biggest being chlorine and fluoride. Then there are the things that are not deliberately added but have gotten into our water systems, such as pharmaceuticals. Think about shower and bath time, all that bad water is absorbing through your skin as you bath and shower, just like drinking glasses of it. You can protect yourself by getting a whole house water filtration system and solve all those problems. Just shop around and learn the product as I have heard of people spending up to 25k on these systems. We purchased a really good one that has three filters on it and to have it installed and purchased at wholesale was 3k. What a difference it made in our household. Just soaking in the tub with a peace of mind was a wonderful addition to my health. I realize not everyone can afford that entire unit, but there is other things you can do, such as installing a reverse osmosis drinking water system on your kitchen sink. That way you can get clean water and get off those harmful plastic bottled waters and who knows what's in those waters unless you test them each, I think not. You can also get a shower filter that will remove all or most of that junk and then you can shower in peace. What about the air you are breathing? If you are not leaving on the coast of a ocean, you are more than likely exposed to polluted air. Maybe even at your job, you could be exposed to breathing in toxic air. Air filtration systems are a good idea. I don't know much about these systems yet as I have not been able to talk my husband into one of those yet. Because we live on the coast, he feels like our air is really good and keeping the windows open regularly helps. I do know a few people who use these air filter systems their homes and they swear by them as to how it improves their health, even here in this area.

I have read numerous articles that express we are exposed to over 700 chemicals and metals each day. I have barely even tapped into all the exposures we have surrounding us. Next week I will talk about the food we eat, weed killers and a few more ideas on how we can reduce exposure and then give examples of how to detox, until then, think about what you can do at your home and work to reduce your own exposure daily and your childrens. They are especially vulnerable as their little bodies are not developed and they don't have the full means to detox themselves yet. Please dont slather your childs body with harmfull lotions and bubble bath liquids. PLEASE! So until next week, enjoy the two new recipes, Black n Blueberry Smoothie and a Raw Brussel Sprout Salad that is a party in your mouth! Subscribe to my website if you have not already and you will be entered to win one of five of my books that I will sign and give away on my birthday which is April 5 2017. I have a box full of unsigned books just waiting to be signed and mailed out, please contact me if you would like to order a sign one through me.

Peace and Love,