Make Detoxing A Priority, Part II

Welcome to detox part II, and as you recall before you make a change in your diet, it is always a good idea to check with your functional medicine doctor first. I think making small changes and gradually getting into full swing is also a good idea. Even though it is awesome to get all the toxins out, it can make people feel pretty yucky sometimes.

Last weeks blog focused on what some of the many things we can do to avoid toxins from penetrating our bodies to begin with. A parable to that is, we floss, we brush and we try not to get too much sugar on our teeth. We do this so we do not have to have major dental work done at that dentist, which by the way, dentistry also plays havoc on our bodies! Before I make a few points about what dentistry is all about, let us stay on track. If you take care of your teeth, the reward is your teeth stay healthy. Avoid chemicals and toxins as much as possible in the first place and you and your body will not have to work so hard to detox. Sounds practical to me.Find a biological dentist if at all possible. What is a that? Had the same question, researched it and switched dentists. They use as few chemicals as possible in their office from cleaning to practicing dentistry. The sample of toothpaste he gave me was Doterra which is made using essential oils. Commercial toothpastes are loaded with chemicals. A diffuser was running in his office detoxing, cleaning the air and offering a peaceful feeling. They teach you ways to heal a tooth! I am not joking, heal a tooth. My biological dentist does not believe in root canals and he does not use metals because those leak into our bodies and cause big health issues! I had all the metal removed from my mouth twenty years ago. Basically the idea is to use natural therapies to treat, diagnose and prevent the diseases of oral cavity. I was pretty impressed when he told me he would only Xray me if he felt it was absolutely necessary as he did not want to expose me to radiation unnecessarily. What? Every dentist I have ever gone to has taken me on a ride on that one, well not any more. I can not even recall the last time I had a cavity, but I have had full mouth x rays every year since I was a child. Alright let's move on here, I am not trying to slam regular dentists, only expose that you may have choices to find one who wants to help you in a rather non-toxic way, come on? YES!

Have you ever thought about all the chemicals in your structed house or living quarters? The carpets, the floors, the paint, the countertops and the furniture. The list goes on. You can buy non toxic paint now. I have a friend who painted the inside of her house on a remodel with all non toxic paint, yep it is three times the cost, however they breath no chemicals from it. After I researched all the synthetic fibers they make beds with, I ordered a organic bed. It took us a few tries to find the right one, but we prevailed and now as much time as I spend sleeping, I rest knowing toxins are not below me and of course all my linens are all organic too. It's crazy when you think about all this. This week my gorgeous daughter got married. It was a destination wedding and the resort we stayed at had some funky carpet in the rooms as the kids were going barefoot and their feet were turning dark dark black. Oh my gosh are you kidding, we apply essential oils to feet as it's a great area for absorption. Think about the dyes that were pouring into their little bodies. I had to control myself and stop thinking about it because my mind was going crazy thinking about the damage that was being done. Their little bodies could not ward it off. Knowing so much can sometimes be frustrating, because not all people are up to snuff on all this information. I am still learning more each day. There are times when you can not control it, those kids should all have been required to keep their leather sole shoes on once it was discovered. I know call me CRAY CRAY, but I do care. If you remodel the flooring in your house, consider natural stone, natural wood or wool carpet. Have them stain the wood flooring outside and let it off gas before installing in the house to reduce the chemical burden. Think about the furniture you buy too. There are many things that you can do to reduce the amount of synthetics (man made and full of toxins) in your home. Google and do your research as I am only touching on the tip of the iceberg! Take a deep breath and do not be overwhelmed, just make the changes one at a time.

So I feel like you might be getting the idea now on how to remove or avoid many chemicals and toxins from getting into your body in the first place. If you do not assist your body in this and also detox, there is a strong chance you will become sick with a disease from toxic overload. So let's talk about a few ways you can detox. Exercise! Oh my gosh really? Yes really. You may recall that your organ, the skin, is one of the ways our bodies filters out toxins. So get your exercise on and start sweating and removing those nasty little buggers. It is important to take a shower or bath as soon as possible after sweating or even taking a firm towel and wipe all those toxins off. You definitely don't want to do all that work and then absorb those toxins right back in your skin. I was totally guilty of this during training for the games. There were training times where I was training more than once a day and rather than change my clothing and shower directly after, I waited until after the second work out to shower. I absolutely do not do this now that I understand the ramifications. Plenty of water goes hand in hand with exercising, using the sauna and detoxing. Drink half your bodyweight in ounces of clean water daily and more as needed. This aides in removing these impurities, and drinking clean water not in plastic containers does not add the chemicals!!

Infrared saunas are also a great way to detox. The difference between infrared and regular saunas are that infrareds penetrate your body up to an inch and a half therefore allowing the same profuse sweating at a lower temperature. You do not have to wait for the sauna to warm up with an infrared sauna as it starts penetrating and doing its work as soon as you turn it on and enter it. Because the temperature is lower it allows one to stay in longer enjoying the benefits for extended periods. After a significant amount of studying saunas, we decided on a Clearlight infrared sauna built in California. Price and quality are excellent. The sauna really made a huge difference for me as in less soreness. Wish I had this sauna during my heavy intense training. Live and learn and share with others.

Medicinal foods are probably one of the most important ways to detox if not the most important. Many of your current food choices that you are eating may be loaded with chemicals. Chemicals that wreak havoc on your body. One for example is acrylamide which is formed when foods are baked or fried at high temperatures. Who is eating fried foods or baked goods? Second hand smoke is also full of that same chemical. This had me going this week as the destination wedding was in Vegas and people are still smoking in those hotels and casinos. The CDC in one of their studies on environmental to human exposure found 212 different chemicals in people's blood and urine samples. Thats terrible. Your body has the proper means to detox all these different chemicals coming in through all the different ways previously discussed, but combine all this with a poor diet and we have toxic overload. Or even a small child who has not fully developed and their body can not handle the toxic overload, they need help in both diet and also how they can aide their own bodies in detox.These childhood cancers are at an all time high now. We need to take responsibilities for these children and provide them with all realms of a better environment. We need to stop relying on pharmaceuticals such as chemo and radiation when all this can be avoided to begin with. Lets clean our act up for the kids! What a concept. They are our future! Why not teach them from birth to eat correctly. Once they are weaned from from breast milk or when it's time to add food into their diets, how about adding clean foods in that are healthy choices instead of poor choices. We have to lead by example with them too. If we are eating unhealthy foods, you might as well expect them to be doing the same thing. The consequences from eating these poor food choices are overwhelming and not worth it. I am fortunate because my son in law who is a fireman in Anchorage stayed with us for two weeks and they were very eager and open to learning all these things we have been talking about. He went home with his lovely bride and children and bought a juicer. Check out the video he made me. Lyla not even two yet, goes to town with him juicing all week long! Her first juicing experience I believe was here helping me on a stool under the juicer! Her and her brother sat on my natural stone floor drinking their fresh pressed juices and yes I had to coax them a little, but look at her now!!!!

Another way of avoiding chemicals is to not use chemical sprays to kill weeds in your yard as well as bug and insects etc. There are natural ways to kill these weeds and insects. There are many proven studies about the damage Roundup is doing to our environment, our people and animals. Please stop using these toxic chemicals in your yards and homes. These chemicals are very toxic and dangerous, it is not worth using them. It is easy to find home remedies as well as articles on what these harmful chemicals are doing. Just google glyphosate, it has been linked to brain disorders and there are many other terrible effects it has on the body, not good!

You may have come to the conclusion that by eliminating these poor food choices, you are avoiding less chemicals! You can eat organic, fresh and whole foods and get your nutrition on and also detox at the same time.So let's focus on removing these chemicals that have build up over time in our cells and are putting added stress on our organs.We can eat foods that support our liver and kidneys, that allows us to detox daily! One of the ways I like to take in my foods that help me detox by providing antioxidants and good nutritional calories is juicing. I purchase my vegetables at a farm up the street who grows all this food without the use of chemicals. I have a nice juicer and I like to juice first thing in the morning after I have been fasting all night. In my recipes, there is a detox green juice recipe listed. I try to stick with the four basic vegetables for detox juicing. Those vegetables are celery, kale, cucumbers, and carrots. To that I will add one whole lemon and 1/2 of a low glycemic apple. All of these vegetables must be organic for the obvious reasons. The peel of a lemon will help to produce bile which in turn helps with having 3-5 bowel movements a day. You need to be eliminating waste at least a minimum of three times a day to stay healthy. Once we changed our diets last year, we meet those requirements on a regular basis. If we do not, it's because of stress or eating improperly. We also like to drink a smoothie during the middle of the day which again we can add lots of vegetables, some fruit, vegan protein, supplements and herbs. These smoothies are full of vital calories and nutrition that again helps us detox. Speaking of supplements, another way of detoxing. In order to figure out what type of supplements you need to detox, labs are required to see where you body needs the helps. If you are full of heavy metals, you can purchase supplements that specialize in pulling metals out of your body. If you are not getting enough antioxidants which destroy free radicals through your food, you can take supplements and herbs to help add those into your bodies. Maybe you are low in iodine or iron. The only way you can know this is by getting lab testing done. Those are done through saliva, urine, hair sample and blood tests. It is always best to get your own protocol to not waste money on supplements or herbs that your body does not need at the time. Provide it with exactly what it needs to be most effective.

Join my next blog for part III, I will touch on how to detox the brain and the benefits of intermittent fasting. Yes that is very important! I had some people wanting to know what type of whole house water filtration system we put in our home. The name brand is Pelican. You can find their water system at That water system was worth every dollar we spent on it and every home should have a water filtration system. If you have not bought my book yet, Through The Eyes OF The Master, I hope you do soon. I still have copies to be signed and mailed out, just ask me! Subscribe to my website if you have not already done so to keep informed when I blog and add recipes. You will be entered to win one of five books Iam signing and giving away April 5th on my birthday! I pray that this blog is teaching and helping people. There is a so much to say and learn. You are worth it to me, so I want to share what I know and ask you to share and ask others to subscribe. Help me to help others to improve their health.

Love and Peace,


P.S. I added two more recipes, Wild Alaskan Halibut and Strawberry Red Beet Smoothie! YUM!!