Make Detoxing A Priority, Part III

Detox part III and welcome back. Detox is such a huge subject. My goal is to keep this article simple and increase our awareness of detoxing. Detox needs to be included in everyone's lives. The vaccine movement is up for huge debates at the current moment. People are becoming educated on vaccines and have discovered that maybe vaccinating is not for them nor their children. In many states the government has stepped in and mandation of vaccines is occurring. Rather than getting into my opinion of vaccines, I highly suggest taking the time to research both sides of the vaccine movement. The Truth About Cancer Website is having a informative 7-episode documentary series starting April 12 titled The Truth About Vaccines. I plan to watch all 7 episodes. It is free to watch and you will need to register in order for them to send you the links. I will tell you that vaccines have adjuncts in them. The adjunct is added to to enhance the body's response to the vaccine. These adjuncts are aluminum and mercury used as a preservative. Where do those heavy metals go once they are injected into the human bodies? We have been talking about detoxing and avoiding these toxins. Vaccines are another item to be concerned about. Doing your own research will help you in making decisions whether to vaccinate or not and also allow you to hold informative conversations with other people rather than putting your head in the sand.Knowing the history of the vaccines will also help you to make an informed choice on the voting ballots.

I am a faithful intermittent faster for the past 13 months. The intermittent faster will go without food or drink other than water for 12-18 hours normally. I like to go 14 but will hit 18-20 on sunday. Intermittent fasting gives our bodies a golden opportunity to do what it is made up to do at night rather than spending its time digesting food when we fast for longer periods. Our ancestors did not eat three squares a day, they went for much longer periods without eating. I am surprised that paleo diet does not put an emphasis on this. Fasting at longer windows increases the rate of HGH production. HGH production plays important role in slowing the aging process, health, and fitness. Fasting helps improve insulin sensitivity. Poor insulin sensitivity or insulin resistance makes a contribution to nearly all chronic diseases. Fasting also lowers our triglyceride levels. One that I love is fasting suppresses inflammation and fights free radical damage. Our normalization of our hunger hormone, ghrelin levels are increased. These benefits are fantastic and help us to lower our body fat too. No one is asking us to lower our calories overall, just to tighten up the window time frame of eating. For me, my last meal is usually around 5pm and I usually rise about 730pm and by the time I get around to my first meal,I have easily reached 14 hours. Many intermittent fasters skip breakfast. Others skip dinner and breakfast and lunch are when they eat all their calories. Everyone is different and find what works for you. I thought I could never do it, but it was easy once I set my mind to it. Being an athlete I was certain I would pass out. Have never came close to that problem. I can see now how this would have really helped me preparing for the games, especially with inflammation and free radical damage. Live and learn and share. I have actually ventured off twice into a three day water fast. That topic is for another time, but a superior way to detox. Intermittent fasting is another way to add more detox into your life daily. You can take fasting into a higher level like I did with a three day water fast or even a juice fast once a quarter. I want to remind everyone to be sure and check with their functional medicine doctor prior to trying any of this. The three day water fast and the intermittent nightly fasting were both a protocol for me through my own functional medicine doctor to improve my health and quality of life. Sleeping deeper has vastly improved for me though the intermittent fasting.

The last idea I want to write about today is the brain. This topic is super important. We have to keep the brain clean in many ways. Let us begin with toxic thoughts. How do we deal with the everyday life situations that crop up even when we are doing everything in our power to avoid them. I think how we perceive those dilemmas when they arrive and how we react can be controlled and improved through certain brain training exercise. But how do we know if there is even something wrong inside our brain? How do we know what exercise to work on that will help increase brain health in certain parts of our brains? You can have your brain mapped! I did just that. I learnt a lot about my own brain through the doctor who mapped my brain. She has her PHD in neuroscience. Once we had the data on my brain, we knew what type of neurotherapy would apply and work best for me. There were so many things that changed for me once I started that. The brain is directly connected to our bodies health. We can not compartmentalize the brain and separate it from our bodies. You could be fit, eating a great diet, but if your brain is not functioning optimal, guess what? Eventually a disease is going to appear. It is a lot of work working on the brain, just like anything else you want to fix or improve on, but it's a part of optimal health. How else can we help our brains, hence bodies with detox? What about spending some time meditating and taking some deep breaths several times a day for short periods? Tapping is another way to improve brain and body health. It is often referred to as EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. This brain exercise is based on psychological acupressure, using the same energy meridians as acupuncture. It's so simple to do. Instead of using needles, our fingertips are used to to apply kinetic energy onto specific meridians. Tapping on our heads and chest along with other areas all while thinking about the specific problem we are working on. Positive voice affirmations are also used while we tap.Clearing your emotional blocks are absolutely necessary to restore your body and mind to heal and keep physical disease out. There are devices you can purchase that help you get into a stronger state of meditation. One example is a Muse headband. For as little time as three minutes a day, you can take your brain away to a relaxed state and reduce chatter and yucky thoughts. I think Yoga is one of the best practices I have ever done for relaxation of the mind and body together. There are many more methods available to help increase brain health. You have to experiment and find out what works for you. It is an exercise, so be prepared to do a little work.

Detox, detox and detox. It really is a huge subject. It can be overwhelming and seem like a large task at hand. Approach it with a positive attitude. Figure out what parts of detox are most important to you and your family. Put together a plan that allows your priorities for your own detox and get started one day at a time. I have been working at this for over a year now and has become habit and a regular part of my life. There are books you can purchase on detox that will reiterate what I have discussed and more. Happy detox, April is a good month to start!

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