CrossFit Open Masters 17.5 Workout

My husband and I both did not register in the crossfit open this year. However, we chose to complete each open wod as though we were registered in the open. We both were swiftly taught new lessons. Our current training program is designed to meet both of our needs together. One of our goals is to train five days a week. That does not always happen due to traveling and weather conditions as our box is located outdoors. For the most part, we can get five days in easily. We like to train three days in a row and then rest one day and train two more and rest one day and restart. We have been good about listening to our bodies and somedays we have taken a rest day early and even take two rest days in a row. Rest days to us are not down time per say, like a couch potato. We are active during those rest days too. Active rest could mean a massage, definitely a sauna, hiking, stretching, yoga or a long walk on our local beaches. We know sitting around is not going to help us recover faster.

I design the programming for us and he gets his input in. We thankfully have similar weaknesses. Having twinning weaknesses allows us to continue to train together working on movements we suck at. We can rely on each other for spots on heavy lifts. Our attitudes can sometimes be poor and we help encourage each other through these movements. We are both taller people and do not have bodyweight movement backgrounds such as gymnastics or dance. I try to program regular gymnastics movements so we do not lose what we have worked so hard at attaining. Having a background in Physical Education, five Crossfit certs and four years of training for the games, programming comes together easily.

After competing at the Crossfit games in 2015, it was a mutual decision that neither of us wanted to spend 3-4 hours training per day. We wanted to spend time with our families, and many other things. We agreed on 1.5 hour training sessions. We quickly found out there is not enough time to work on all movements we felt necessary to stay at the competitive level. So we had to let go and do our best with what time we allocated to staying fit.

That my friends did not pan out so well for us during the open. I could live with not having high competitive scores, but what bothered me was the excess soreness, possibly putting myself in injury way and tearing my hands. These things could have all been avoided by being better prepared. We have agreed to train for the open if we intend on doing the open in 2018. I think a training cycle starting three months out may put us in a better situation, but that may not even be enough to avoid the items that I mentioned earlier. We have some time to address this and discuss with other coaches. I could have made better choices too when it came to choosing a time to WOD and wearing protectant on my hands which I have done in the past. Just was not following some of my own advice I think because my competitive brain was not fully engaged.

About 17.5! I was excited when they released it because lifts have always been a strength for me. National level powerlifting is in my background and give me a barbell and I start to drool. I am not going to say much here, but if you read my book, you know my newest weakness! Double unders in the past were something I definitely had to work on to obtain, but also taking them to a whole new level of being able to grind them out and lots of them when you are hot and fatigued. To learn to relax and rest while doing them is what Jonathan Jorgenson and I use to work on. I felt I had a good handle on them and I did well with them at the games and during the open, etc in 2015. So when I hit round three of the ten rounds of WOD 17.5, my brain said you are in trouble. I was shocked! From that moment on I did nothing but have a war with my brain. My brain told me to quit, I am mean after all no one is watching you, you are not even registered for the open, who cares, it hurts, just quit or take some breaks. This is what I fought for the next 7 full rounds. Every Time I heard the negative thoughts in my brain, I told myself, just stay unbroken and keep going. Relax transitioning from movement to movement. Do not succumb to the negative thoughts. When I was done, I walked off the screen because I was hurting so bad and I was so mad. This WOD caught me so off guard. I layed in the house in the shade under the fan for at least five minutes. All I could think about was this thing is going to kill my 60 year old husband. He needed to find that out for himself though. He walked in the house and said, " You did awesome, so consistent!" I needed to hear that! But I was thinking this is not going to be fun watching him work through the same pain I just incurred.

Several days later we both had soreness in our triceps, hamstrings and quads. Stepping out of bed onto screaming calves was insane. I skated through WOD 1, but not the next four. So thats raps up the open for us. Looking at all my scores combined, I was pretty consistent, shining in the snatch due to my natural strength and lucky for me we had been working alot on our form. The lessons we learnt are in my book, be prepared for the open or expect to not perform well, possible injury and lots of soreness and down time from regular training due to extra recovery times. I will have a different plan next year if I plan to register for the open, if I dont execute a plan, then I will be a spectator, a judge or a coach as I love Crossfit!

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