Have Juice, will travel!

Since my husband and I have stepped up our nutrition game well over the past year now, people are often asking us how do we keep our nutrition at optimal level when traveling? It is easy, In and Out Burger three times a day! That is a joke, but since I brought that fast food joint up, I want to say a few things I have learnt. I read an article that was shared by Dr. Mercola on his website in 2016 from FoodBabe.com with regards to In-N-Out Burger. What I learnt in that article caused me to never return to that particular burger joint. I was not raised on fast food as a child, so as an adult I do not crave it. Once in awhile as a treat, we would eat at and In-N-Out Burger. I had convinced myself that is was a healthier version of fast food. Afterall that company professes to be Christian, so they would never put anything in their food that would harm us right? They use fresh potatoes they cut up themselves. They use sponge dough for their hamburger buns that sounds like they are making fresh buns each day and they never freeze their meat. Their meat is suppose to be fresh, not grass fed and grass finished but at least fresh.They have Christian scriptures on their wrappers. Turns out after reading the article, I realized there was nothing healthy about eating there and that was it for me. The cottonseed oil they use to fry the fries in is considered a waste product and not human grade, but it is cheap so I am sure a reason why they use it. They use high fructose in their special sauce and milkshakes. High fructose is just way off the charts in poor health choices. Maybe take a minute and read the article as I hyperlinked it for you. Your habit may change too.

So how do we stay on top of our nutrition game while traveling? I always opt to drive nowadays for many reasons. I love being able to pack more stuff for starters. The airlines have become so restrictive. Being able to pack things like liquids and other items you can not take on a airplane is attractive to me and helps me to eat fresh. I love the fact while traveling in our car, we can stop at any point to look at something we saw, stop to stretch our bodies, release essential oils to help detox and protect our immune systems, listen to podcasts, eat and drink my nutrition that I packed on schedule, take my supplements and do not worry about the germs in confined compartments for long periods of time. Most of the people I know who take a plane usually end up with the flu or a cold after or during traveling. I believe eating and drinking unhealthy food and drinks, the stress of traveling and being around others who are not healthy increase our chances of catching a cold or other illnesses. Ramping up your immune system before, during and after traveling is a good idea to avoid getting sick.

When we travel by car, we will juice up several quarts of freshly pressed juices specializing in detox and immune building. We juice several times a week at home and why not while traveling too? The amount we pack into the large ice chest depends on how many days we will be gone. The juices are usually consumed in the morning after we have fasted all night at least 12 hours. We also will blend several smoothies for lunches, loaded with good fat, protein, adaptogen herbs,coconut water, veggies and some fruit. They are jammed with calories. If we can not get all the juicing and smoothing done in time to depart, we will order those juices and smoothies from a local shop in town. One way or another we are not going to leave town by car without that cooler full of our normal diet. It will include our homemade fermented foods and drinks. Coconut yogurt, sauerkraut and kombucha usually make the trip. Some of the supplements we take require refrigeration, they make the ice chest trip too. Several dry good bags are packed too which will hold, supplements,herbs, nuts and seeds, dried fruits, chia and flax to mix into our yogurts, and other healthy snacks. Many times I will make enough yogurt breakfast jars to last several days. They keep really well in the ice chest. One family member was commenting to me once as we were about to embark on a family vacation about how concerned she was about my nutrition state not being up to par during this family outing. I commented back, no issues here, we travel with a traveling juice bar!!! TRUTH!

We often will google all the organic restaurants in the area before we get there. That helps us make a choice on where to stay if we are picking a hotel. Knowing those options ahead of time also gives us the extra edge on planning to eat as healthy as we can even while away from home.

Clean water is something we also pack in our metal water canisters. It's much cheaper to bring our own clean water. I will not drink restaurant water unless it is filtered and I don't care to replenish my drinking water from plastic water bottles. When traveling we will usually eat out once a day. Usually that will be a dinner. It is a bonus if we find an organic restaurant. We will focus on salads and wild caught fish with vegetables. In California, this is easy to come by. By eating with a conscious healthy choice,we just fill better, are focused on exercising too because they go hand and hand and chances are we will not get sick. Making healthy nutrition choices builds the immune system up. Eating sugary foods and fast food suppresses the immune system.

Of course there are times when we have to leave the car at home and fly. We can still make healthy choices. May have to work a little harder at it and it may not be quite as healthy but way better than just eating anything our heart desires from donuts to burgers. We will have one bag dedicated to food,supplements, concentrated greens and herbs we fly with as airplane food is a no go for us. Once we land, the first place I like to go is the healthiest grocery store available to buy perishable goods I could not travel with. My hotel needs to have a fridge. When we go out and eat, again we have researched the area and look for establishments that serve healthy foods. We also try to source the cleanest form of water available to us once we arrive to our destination. Most hotels will have some form of a fitness center and we usually will keep returning throughout the day to fill our glass or metal water bottles. Keeping fit while on vacation or traveling is important to us. We enjoy walking as much as we can and always hitting the fitness center in the hotel or a local Crossfit box. We both weigh ourselves first thing when we get home and if we are not eating poorly, we never gain weight. We come home with little to no jet lag and no inflammation. We come home feeling good, happy, refreshed, healthy and energy to burn. It has taken us time to figure this all out and discipline to make the healthy choices but to us it is now our life style. We do indulge now and then, but we do not make it a habit and make sure we are detoxing daily.

I hope I gave you some ideas on how to travel and staying healthy. I can promise you that it makes a difference in you and your family's lives. When I was a kid, I remember my Grandmother always packing the healthy choices, even when we went to the movies. She snuck in our healthy snack, God Bless her for caring so deeply about her wee Granddaughter. I miss her and I hope she is proud of me! Be sure and subscribe to my blog and check out the new DIY face wash recipe I added to the files. I just got in a new case of books to be signed and mailed out so please message me if I can help you purchase one for yourself or as a gift.

Love and Peace,