Tweak Your Accessory, GHD!

My sweetie pie asks me every year what do I want for my birthday. I told him a GHD machine from Rogue Fitness. I have told him the same for Christmas and other holidays for the past 4-5 years. This year it was not the typical eye roll as to say you are not getting that, but instead okay! I was stunned and thought well, we'll see. I believe he said yes because he enjoys seeing the progress in recovery of my full hamstring reattachment. Owning this machine would allow me to add more accessory movements that would directly improve my hamstring and gluteus. That in turn will improve my performance in my lifting. Then there is what guy does not enjoy a butt so hard you can bounce a quarter off it? So I got my GHD machine for my 57th birthday. By far one of the best birthday gifts I have ever received. Having a Rogue Fitness brand is one of the best on the market, if not the BEST! You know you are a little warped when you would rather own a piece of exercise equipment than a Gucci purse, hmmm!

So now that I own this beast, I have been taking full advantage of it without over training on it(easy to do for a fitness freak like myself). The video today displays me repping out hip extensions. Hip extensions are a basic movement on the Glute Ham Developer. This movement specifically works the posterior chain or the hamstrings and glute muscles. It's important to adjust the machine properly before getting on for the desired movement. You are adjusting for your body height and type. You can google GHD hip extensions to see how to adjust correctly. There is nothing to it. The hips need to be out in front of the pad and keep the trunk static( no flex in the trunk) but flex at the hip. The hamstrings and glutes will be what brings you back up. You want to make sure the hip is indeed out in front of the pad as you don't want to trap the hip. The feet need to have a positive contact with the back of the machine. The spinal erectors in our backs will support us. The range of motion will depend on how flexible your hamstrings are. Some will need to scale the movement and gradually work into a full hip extension. I was able to work right into a proper hip extension but used caution with my number of repetitions and set numbers. To avoid injury or excessive soreness, I am using a progression building my reps and sets twice a week. I have been careful not to raise my trunk above parallel of the pad. If my trunk flexes, I have gone too far.

This machine is beautiful for body control(kinesthetic awareness) and working a movement with no load. It is just really nice to have access to a machine like this full time. I am very grateful for my birthday gift!!! If you have one of these machines in your CrossFit Box or gym, I would ask a certified coach for some proper instruction on it and add in some accessory work if your gym allows that once or twice a week. It only takes a few minutes to add in some extra work. Next I have to see if I can reclaim a set of jerk blocks. Wonder what his face will look like when I ask for a set of those for Christmas!

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