Fitness Programming Part 1

Box Jumps

Recently I have had several people contact me in regards to how to program for themselves. Some have built themselves a home garage box and are wanting to learn to program their fitness program. Others are thinking about competing and want more than the average one hour crossFit class. Another just wants to mix in some extra work to conquer advanced movements like bar mups. I thought to myself why not share how I got to the games twice through my own prior programming. Sharing what I do now to keep myself fit and staying on top of some of those advanced moves. How I was able to complete as an older master might also benefit athletes. Beware, stepping up your game is no joke. Remind yourself that you will learn by your mistakes, you should be having fun, keep your movements technically sound always, watch out for over training and enjoy your progressions.

When my coaches at my very first CrossFit box told me I was athletic enough to make it to the games and then I did qualify in my first open, I got serious about extra programming. Programming that was designed for me specifically. I was very new to CrossFit and lacked the understanding of Crossfit in general, let alone preparing to train for the games. I did not want to be an athlete who just showed up for fun. I wanted to be an athlete who walked away knowing I had done everything I could to be the best I could be that day and enjoy the experience. It was my time to find a personal coach. A coach who was experienced in competitive Crossfit. A coach who would try his best to keep me uninjured. A coach who had experience in my weak areas. A coach who knew how to program. A coach who was responsible. A coach who could understand how my thought process worked. A coach who charged a fair price!

After intense studying all the available coaches of the area I was in at the time I found him! We hit it off too, both very intense people who understood each other without even saying a word. Two people who became very connected in many ways. So I am getting a little personal, but I will remind you, finding programming for YOU is personal. You can't always fit yourself into that cookie cutter mold that everyone else is in and have efficient results. Let us dive deep into some programming ideas.

If you are going to a regular CrossFit class and want to stay engaged there and achieve some extra personal programming, you can pull extra programming through a private coach. That is what I did for extra programming. I stayed tuned in with my affiliate where I qualified to go to the games. At my affiliate, during my one hour session, I actually worked out in a competitive group session with my games coach. I knew this one hour session was not all I needed, so I began working with a private coach at my garage box at home twice a week.He programmed upon my request movements that I was weak in. He also gave me work to do in between our sessions.

Having him onsite with me was necessary as I had little Crossfit experience. He was able to teach me the proper form for the Olympic lifts, accessory work and the gymnastics. We usually worked together for about one and a half hours twice and sometimes three times per week. He set a reasonable fee for me and it all worked out. Within the first two weeks of his programming and coaching, I was snatching well over a 100 pounds for the first time in my life. The extra work and extra eye paid off tremendously. So this is one way of obtaining programming for competition. I highly recommend this for beginners that want to get a jumpstart on competition. It is a great choice for someone who just wants to get better in crossfit and advance in movements rapidly with proper technique. It is important for the private coach to have a good relationship with your affiliate coach. The private coach is going to need to know the programming that the affiliate box has scheduled so the styles of programming compliment each other. This may be a problem as was for me as some affiliates will not release their programming under any circumstances except on the WOD.

If you do not have a garage box like I do and still want a private coach to work with you, ask your affiliate box if you can have a corner to work in a few days a week with your new coach. More than likely there will not be any issues. Most boxes have an open gym time. Where there is a will, there is a way. Next week, I will share more ways to obtain programming and some of my programming I did prior to the 2015 games. That programming kept me uninjured and making a podium appearance at the games. It worked!

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