Fitness Programming, Part II

Last week we discussed a few options of obtaining programming to improve your CrossFit fitness. It does not have to be CrossFit fitness, anyone can achieve higher fitness levels by utilizing efficient programming. To obtain a higher fitness level to meet your goals can seem impossible. Release that thought from your mind. The first piece to success in improving your fitness goals is to change your mentality. I can do this and I will is your new mindset. You will have issues and things will crop up that will not be easy. What you do with those difficulties will determine your outcome. When the failures arise, take ahold of them and make sure you end them on a positive note.

If you are advanced in your fitness and can work alone for the majority of your personalized programming, seeking outside programming is readily available for a fee. I personally know a few athletes who have used Opex Fitness, The Outlaw Way, and I used North State Made(Jon Jorgensen). I think this method works really well. If the coach knows you such as in my case, it can work exceptionally well. If the coach does not know you all that well, I would suggest having a local coach step in and assist you once a week with the outside programming. They can see things maybe you are not seeing and make suggestions to you and your programming coach.

Below is an example of my personal programming preparing for the open in March/April 2015. The samples of the programming were taken from my training journal and the time frame was in January of 2015. I bring up the journal because you will need one! The journal is a helpful method of keeping our fitness programming results organized. It is also a great reference point for later. I received my programming from North State Made in Excel spreadsheet style. I would hand write them into my journal, record my results and email back my results to him weekly through the computer in the same format. This is how he would gage my programming each week. I could make comments to him as well. If there was a new movement I did not understand, he would send a video. He was very prompt, organized and always on time with my programming and spot on. This is what you want in outside programming, a reliable source who charges a reasonable fee. I could not have been happier with him. I was honest with him, never cheated my results and always worked out as hard as I could. Please note that I would warm up for 30 minutes and also do mobility for at least 30 to 45 minutes after.


Day 1

Do each of these for a recorded time:

10 Clean & Jerks@#105

Rest I min.

10 Clean & Jerks@#95

Rest 1 min.

10 Clean & Jerks@#85

5X for time:

40 Double Under's

20 Wall Balls Shots at #14 & 10 ' Target

10 C2B"s

Rest 60 Seconds


Seated Strict Press 3x8

Hip Thrusts 3x8

Day 2

Muscle Up Practice:

3x6 Strict Ring Pull ups

3x6 Banded Muscle Ups

12 Min EMOTM Four Sets Total:

Min 1 40 Double Unders

Min 2 30 Second Handstand Hold $ Rocking

Min 3 L Seated hang 20 Seconds

Complete & 15 Min to build Deadlift

5x5 With On Floor Pause, Record The weights.

5 Rounds For Time:

5 Power Cleans @#105

7 Ring Dips

Rest For 5 Min

For Time:

Row 500

25 Burpee's Over The Erg

Day 3

15 Min EMOTM - Snatch At 85 Percent Of 1RM

Record The Success Of The !5 Lifts

5 Min AMRAP:


5 C2B'S

Rest For 5 Min


30 Double Unders

10 Box Jumps @20"

Day 4

20 Min To Build Clean, Push Press and Split Jerk, record set numbers and weights

Back Squats, record weights


50 Double Unders

10 Thrusters @#85

10 T2B'S

10 OHS @#85

10 Burpee Box Jumps

10 OHS

10 T2B's

10 Thrusters

50 Double Unders


I hope the samples of the programming I obtained helps to show what is available out there to enhance your fitness goals at a World Class Master Level. I can tell you that if you do the work, the goals will come to fruition. Even though I am not competing at that level, I still have personal fitness goals I want to reach. I use the same kind of ideology to obtain those goals. Remember enjoy what you are doing. If you are not having fun, then maybe you should try a different method or establish a different goal.

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