To Sunscreen Or Not?

To sunscreen or not is a hot topic currently. There has been mega research done recently on just that topic. We are learning that slathering yourself with sunscreen products may be doing more harm than good. Most commercial sunscreens are loaded with harmful chemicals. Do you really want to rub toxins onto your largest organ in your body, the skin? Your skin will absorb it into your body. It is also a known fact that we all need a certain amount of vitamin D in our bodies to avoid diseases. The sun is one way of getting some vitamin D into our bodies. I am certainly not discouraging you from using sunscreen or going against the advice your doctor has given you. I am asking you to do your own research by looking into the actual studies and then use common sense when exposing yourself and loved ones to sun. Educating yourself on the topic also puts you in a position where you can discuss it with someone else intelligently.

Unfortunalty many sunscreens have ingredients in them that are toxic or chemicals that disrupt the endocrine system that can cause cancer growth. These harmful chemicals also promote free radical production in the body. The FDA reported in 2007 since sunscreens have been developed, skin cancer rates have actually risen. Even natural sunscreens have toxic ingredients. Read the labels and then research the ingredients out on the internet, oh my word! Once people go into our waters, all those toxins wash off and pollute our oceans etc. That is another topic for discussion, but it is a very serious one.

Considering most people are vitamin D deficient, it seems that more sun would be on top of the order. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to breast cancer and many other cancers. Lack of Vitamin D has been linked to other medical problems such as premature labor, gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia and more. People are shunning the sun to avoid skin cancer all while depriving their bodies of making Vitamin D. We need Vitamin D to ward off diseases. Sun exposure is not the only factor that contributes to skin cancer.

Taking a common sense approach to sun expose allows one to enjoy and reap the benefits of the sun as well as protecting one self from over sun exposure. Wearing long sleeves, hats, exposure time, the time of day one is in the sun, what you eat, and umbrellas are all part of the common sense approach. If you choose to wear sunscreen, use a mineral base sunscreen such as Relevé Sun-Lite Moistening Organic Sunscreen by Emerald Essentials. You can also consider making your own. I recently posted a DIY recipe for homemade sunscreen.

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