Holy Spirit Inspired!

My Granddaughter, Chantell Barnes arrived into our summer care last week. Since the moment she arrived, we have had a multitude of spiritual fires lit up under all of us. One of the spiritual fires joined us with The Coy and Donna Cowboy ministry. Both my Granddaughter, Randy and I were active participants in their ministries the last two church sessions. Chantell has been blessed with a beautiful voice and loves to sing. She sang on stage and I gave my testimony as well as talked about what it takes to stay healthy in today's world. Randy was their for technical and emotional support. Nothing pleases me more than when our whole family is on board and all hungry for more of Jesus all at the same time!

Discussing the topic of the blog this week, my Granddaughter suggested we blog about conventional dairy milk versus homemade almond milk. She got the idea as Randy had just made a fresh quart of homemade organic almond milk. I asked her if she would be interested in writing the article since it was her idea and she took two semesters of journalism in middle school. She agreed wholeheartedly. Tonight when we started to sit down and right the blog, I told her the title was changed to Holy Spirit Inspired! She then asked if she could still write the article and I said without a doubt, absolutely. The article you are about to embark on was written by my native born Alaskan Granddaughter whom is 13. 321, here she goes!

In this blog I will be talking about being spiritually inspired.I will also be talking about my personal experiences with God and how I found him. To begin with let's discuss being spiritually inspired. What is being spiritually inspired? It is feeling connected with the Holy spirit of Christ. It is knowing that he is always there.

Next, My personal experiences. As a younger child I didn't really participate in church because I didn't understand who or what god was. But when I got a little older about 5th or 6th grade I chose not to be physically or mentally personal in my relationship with God. It's not that I didn't believe in him it's just that I was mad. I was mad at God for making my family go through all this hurt and pain that I didn't understand at the time. So anytime anyone would ask me to go to church with them I didn't want to. After everything had happened with my family I noticed that I began pulling myself away from society. It's like all of a sudden I didn't want to be a part of the human race. I remember not wanting to see anyone. Even today I don't really like being around people. In my 7th grade year I started to recognize God more and more often. I began to communicate with him and surely enough it brought me to California for the summer where I am staying with my Grandparents.

How has being spiritually Inspired helped me since I arrived in Arroyo Grande, CA? Well it started on my first Sunday. My Grandmother was invited to be a guest at the Cowboy Rodeo Church so she could give her testimony and discuss her new book "Through the Eyes of a Master". So when I had arrived, the music director Dale was talking about how none of his singers could make it, So my Grandmother had told him that I had a beautiful voice so he asked if I would join him on stage and I refused. Then he said he would pay me, so of course I had to give it a try. I was terrified I had never sang on stage in front of a huge crowd. I remember that day I had sang very quietly and after the service many people came up to me and told me how gifted I was. I had began thinking well this isn't so bad. After service was over, the Pastor Coy Huffman had asked me if I would attend the Wednesday service in Salinas, CA, and at that moment in time I was very shy and nervous and so I said yes because I thought that I would give it one more try. So for the next couple of days I had gotten the songs. Practiced very little. I remember showing up early for the practice on wednesday night. As we were setting up all the mics I felt the fright and nervousness wash away from me. At that very moment I knew God was there with me. For the rest of that night I Was carefree. It was the first time I had felt like I meant something in a very long time. It's not that I don't mean anything to anyone it's just I am not a people person. I like to keep to myself because I don't like trusting people and that's just the way I am. But as I am getting closer to the lord I can feel myself slipping from that shell. I have become very thankful for being alive and a part of the human race.

By Chantell Barnes

So be it, we have before thee the beautiful testimony of a child who has much hurt and pain stored inside as many of us do. Pain and hurt that we can all be delivered from as she is now! I love and adore how the holy spirit magically lights these fires up under us and gets us moving in a direction of where he wants us moving in. The beauty of all this is hearing him, acting upon his direction and reaping the love that comes in all different ways. My heart is so full this week and I just want to keep the fire burning, a flame isn't good enough!

We have been invited back to Cowboy Church in July. Chantell will be singing and Randy and I will be helping Donna and Coy profess God's word in feeding our bodies with invigorating exercises and nutrition. Feeding our minds with The Mind Of Christ and many other health topics which apply in today's world. It is all so simple, going back to our roots, the resources have been here since the beginning of time.

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In His Perfect Love,