Biological Dentistry

You may be asking yourself, what the heck is biological dentistry? I know I did when my health conscious friend Andrea asked me if I was seeing one. I respect and admire her as she tries hard to feed her family of six healthy foods as well as make other healthy choices. I immediately researched it out once she brought it to my attention as I am always looking for ways to improve my own health and the health of my family and friends.Once I understood what a biological or holistic dentist was, I was all about switching dentist. I was thankful there was one only a 30 minute drive from the house. The timing was perfect as we had just moved out of the area where I had been seeing the same dentist for 12 years.

What is a biological dentist? They focus on whole body wellness that starts with the mouth. These types of dentists will educate their patience on overall health and how dentistry can play a role in their entire overall body. Most dentists understand a connection with gum disease and heart health, diabetes and pregnancies. However most traditional dentist have not been trained in what the long term effects or could be effects of dentistry have on our whole body.

Let discuss some of the issues that can crop up in traditional dentistry. Mercury amalgam fillings are still being used even though we know mercury causes health problems in our bodies, including cancer. Traditional dentists tout on them for their longevity and the fact that insurance companies cover them cost wise. The dentists that use them claim they are safe because the ADA and FDA have stated that mercury leaking in small amounts is safe. The dentist that use these fillings may also like them because they are easier to place than composite fillings. Most of us know now that heavy metals are not healthy options for our bodies and take a considerable toll on our health. One would be wise to use other options for fillings regardless if they cost a little more, are not fully covered by insurance and do not last as long as mercury amalgam fillings. We are worth it!

A biological dentist will not place mercury amalgams in your mouth as they know that mercury is a toxin. Putting toxins into our bodies will impede our health and is not a good choice. The mercury amalgam fillings do outlast the composite fillings but it has been noted they put too much pressure on the tooth in many cases, causing the filling to outlast the tooth it was placed in. A biological dentist will meet all your safely needs in removing these toxic mercury fillings. I did have all mine removed 22 years ago in Alaska. It was quite a process. I am so glad I did it. My husband also had all his removed about 15 years ago.

When I found my first Biological Dentist two years ago it was interesting when I walked into his office. The first thing I noticed was a diffuser diffusing essential oils. When I sat in his chair, he asked me how he could help me. I told him what I preferred and why I was there. I then asked him how his practice differed from a traditional dentist. He told me that he only takes X-rays when absolutely necessary. We could all use a lot less radiation. He does not preform root canals and utilizes as few chemicals as possible in his practice. I am sure he told me others things, but those are what stand out the most in my mind today. I see him again the end of July and hope to learn more about his practice.

Why do biological dentists frown on root canals? According to research, in order for a root canal to be effective, the canal must be a %100 sterile and cleaned of all bacteria. One study after another have shown its impossible to sterilize that canal to a %100. The chemicals they use to try and sterilize the canal are toxic. One of the chemicals used to sterilize the canal is formaldehyde!! The bacteria left in the canal over time leads to adverse health effects such as breast cancer, heart disease and more. I always wondered why some of my root canals had to be done again and why I even lost a tooth after having three root canals done on that same tooth. The canal was never clean and the infections just kept coming back. Think about how my body was in constant war and battle with my immune system trying to fight that bad bacteria off. Seems like some rather unnecessary taxing on my body. It makes sense to me why biological dentist do not recommend root canals.

Another practice biological dentist rebuke is fluoride. Most traditional dentists are in favor of using fluoride both topical and ingesting it. They argue in favor of fluoridating water supplies as well as giving infants fluoride drops. These traditional dentist will point to research showing that fluoride makes teeth stronger. Biological dentists do the opposite. They point to research that shows ingesting fluoride is causing cancer and various bone problems. There is also research out there that shows ingesting fluoride does not make teeth stronger. By putting fluoride into our water systems, they are forcing medication on the general public. This is why I put a whole house water filtration system on my home. To remove all this garbage that is now in our water supplies! Please make sure you are NOT drinking tap water. If you can avoid bathing or showering in it too, you are doing your body a big favor. Too much fluoride can cause fluorosis. Some biological dentist may encourage topical fluoride while others do not. I am going to ask mine next month and see what his opinion on topical fluoride is. I hope he is against it, because even if they use it topical, its got to find its way into your body.

I find it quite interesting that biological dentists believe in biocompatibility of dental materials. They will actually take the time to test you before placing a dental material in your body to see if the material is compatible with your body. You may have a reaction to a certain material and therefore placing that particular material in your mouth is probably not a good idea. What a concept. Another bonus for seeking out a biological dentist. Traditional dentists do not test for biocompatibility of dental materials before placing them in your body. Many times traditional dentist do not discuss the materials they are going to place in your mouth nor do they give you options. The holistic approach of the affects on the whole body makes sense to me and I like the idea of testing for compatibility of the materials as I do not want my body working full time trying to fight off some foreign substance caused by having a tooth repaired!

All in all, both types of dentistry are performed by good dentists for the most part who only want to help you. You have to decide what type of dentist is best for you and your family. If you are looking for a dentist who is in the practice to treat symptoms in teeth and gums and attempts to prevent further problems from reoccurring, then a traditional dentist is what you are looking for. If you want to take it to a whole another level and look at the practice of treating the underlying problems that cause the symptoms in the mouth, attempt to eliminate those problems so they do not reoccur all while ensuring the work done in the mouth does not cause ill effects on overall health, then you are ready for a biological dentist. You make the choice and remember YOU are responsible for your own health in the end. Ask questions and keep yourself informed.

I hope you enjoyed learning from this article. I appreciate the emails and texts I get asking me questions about our health, fitness and food. It prompts me to do the research and get the information out the best I can in so many areas of health and fitness. I hope you have subscribed to my website by now, if not please do so and also make sure you check out my new book, Through The Eyes Of The Master. I published a new DIY recipe for washing machine soap. All my supplies came this week and I am excited to make the switch over to handmade laundry soap.

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