Achieving Fitness Goals

In January of 2017, I started this blog. My goal was to blog about fitness and health and promote my first published book, Through The Eyes Of The Master. I am now writing a second book which I hope to title Controlling Your Cancer Cells. The book will promote both healing and preventative measures for cancer and other diseases that are currently taking over our health. I will be promoting that book too in my blogging and on my website. So its been about 7 months since I wrote to you about motivation to get fit and I want to retouch on that and see how you are doing with your fitness goals.

I am assuming you had two important components you were focused on when you started your nutrition and fitness plan, inspiration and motivations. Without establishing those two subjects into your start, the chances of quitting raise significantly. It is important for us to find someone we look up to, someone who inspires us. Someone who lights a fire inside of us. We also need some motivation for when the inspiration wears off. Setting a goal or goals is a good example of how we can get and stay motivated to complete our task. One goal would be entering a fitness contest of some sort. So many to choose from. Hmmmm, let me see, a powerlifting meet, a partner CrossFit competition, or a body building competition. Another idea may be entering a half marathon or Triathlon. Who do I look up to currently that can inspire me? There are quite a few female master CrossFit games competitors that are still competing that I definitely can look up too. With those two bases covered, I can get through any fitness journey I take myself on and believe it or not, so can you.

Attaching a photo of your inspirational person on your bathroom mirror or fridge may be helpful. Reading a book they published or listening to their podcasts also maybe be helpful. If you know them well and have easy access to them, you can text, email or chat with them. Going to one of their seminars or maybe even just having lunch with them are all ways to extend that inspirational period as long as possible all while achieving your long and short term goals. I have found how crucial it is to keep a fitness log while accomplishing your goals. Organization is definitely required to be as successful as possible and keeping tract of your nutrition and fitness is all part of that. I personally have always used handwritten logs to help me keep tract. I still like a hard copy rather than the IPhone. The year I did use the IPhone for part of my logging, I lost all my personal records to never to retrieve them, so I stay with a hand written logs for the most part. There are many applications out there to keep tract of your fitness, so that is great if its your cup of tea. In the log, you can map out your plan on how you will arrive to these goals you have set for yourself. A golden plan that you will be constantly referring to and crossing off your work as you complete it. The plan should include your diet protocol as well as your fitness cycle. Its really fulfilling as you scratch off each part of your goal knowing you are going to achieve your ultimate goal.

Attitude has so much to do with our success. I talk a lot about how important it is to be positive. We will run into negativity and we will have some failures while reaching our goals. It is what we do with the negativity and failures in a positive manner that will impart us to win in the end. You will or have picked a role model who is positive and upbeat. Those are the same type of people you want to surround yourself with. People who can criticize you constructively when you need to be corrected. People who can lift you up when you are extra tired or burnt out. You also want to be the positive Paula treating them the same way when they need some motivation for what ever reason. It is not a whole lot of fun nor is it functional to surround yourself with negativity. So say good riddance to that kind of power and move on. Also there are those who will not believe in your goals for yourself and have no problem telling you that you can not do what you think you can. Those comments are only in their own mind, not yours. I never let those types of people hang around me long. I will try to help them once or twice, but if the behaviors does not change, it's goodbye and prayer to accompany them.

Remember to have fun and enjoy your journey. Sometimes when you are addressing your strategy, you have to be creative and mix things up abit to keep things fun. Don't be afraid to step out of the box. There may be a point in your training that you have to make a change because things are not working out the way you predicted it. Accept that fact, make a change and move on. Its not a valid excuse to quit, its a opportunity to make a change and forge ahead. In 2014 when I was training for the games, I had little to no fun even though people were telling me to have fun. I changed my mindset for 2015 and my trainer gave me some very creative programming that covered all my basis. Although there were some down times, for the most part, I had fun and joy while in training, so I know its possible to train to your fullest potential and still have fun for the most part. So have some "FUN" accomplishing your goals!

Last but not least, consider a reward or rewards as you are reaching certain levels of your goal or your main goal. When I am trying to cut weight, I like to reward myself with a new piece of clothing. There are many ways to reward yourself and you deserve it. You can also reward someone else when you notice or hear about them reaching their goals. I have been the recipient many times of a gift from someone who recognized my achievements. It really felt good. I remember that and like to pay that forward.

If any of you have set fourth with goals recently in the past six months of so, I would love to hear from you, success or not sooooooooo much success. If you are wanting to embark on a goal and need some ideas, please do not hesitate to call upon me. I love helping people who are serious about getting their health back or better.

On another note please take notice that after much thought and prayer I decided to add a Libation page. Although I do not promote the use of alcohol, I know people are going to drink it, including myself once in awhile or on a special occasion. My "GOAL" is to put a healthy spin on it. The first Libation I came up with is a drink with the main ingredient being Organic freshly pressed mini watermelon juice including the rind and seeds. Check it out! Next week I am going to add a sangria with a healthy spin on it. If you are wanting a signed book, I currently have a few in stock. I also combined the new Charity page with my Shopping page. Please check it out and if you have a Charity you would like me to consider, please let me know. I have also been tossing out many cleaning products in my house and making my own cleaning products. I love the laundry detergent. I am now focused on making dishwasher powder. I have been including the recipes on my DIY page. If you have a fabulous DIY you love, please let me know so I can try it. Thank you for your subscriptions and allowing me to help promote a clean healthy life!

Love and Peace,