Be Happy!

Happiness, the definition is the state of being happy. It is intriguing to me because what makes me happy and what makes you happy is usually completely different. Everyone wants to be happy though. I have known people who elusively search after it bouncing from one idea to another hoping to have a moment or a week of happiness. It appears each try is only a temporary fix. On the other hand I have met and known people who are just happy all the time in what ever situation they are called into. It seems they just have a happiness about them that bubbles from their core. I have seen different levels of happiness too. Some people are happy while others are pretty happy and then there are those that are VERY happy. Ask yourself on a scale of 1-10, what number would you give yourself? I feel like I am sitting at about a 7.5 but I will tell you there have been times in my life where I was 9 and a 9 plenty long enough too. I asked my husband what number he was on the scale and he decided he is a 7 or 8 and he smiled at me. I think he is pretty happy too. Two pretty happy people living together in harmony! Oh Bliss!!!!

I think what surprised me the most when I did my research on happiness is 48 percent of it is genetic. You are born into some of your state of being happy, about 48 percent to be exact. I have actually noticed families that seem to run a course of happiness or not so happy. The genetics makes sense and I suppose some of that is learnt behavior as well one way or the other. Another factor that contributes to our happiness is where you live. Thankfully those of us who live in the San Luis Obispo area of California are living in the 5th place ranked in the world to live for happiness. National Geographic just released The Blue Zones Of Happiness by Dan Buettner and they list the top 25 happy places to live in the world. The book states environment has a profound impact on our psychology. People want to be close to recreation, nature, healthy food and have access to getting to work other than driving a car, hence a bike! But geography is only 15 percent of our happiness, could it be the rest of it is up to us? By the way, Boulder, Colorado was the number 1 place to live in the world for happiness. They also happen to produce the majority of the Olympian athletes in the country.

According to science, we can stack the cards in favor to increase our happiness. By having a dog you can pet and play with, your cortisol levels will come down. Cortisol is your stress hormone. Have a front porch rather than a back deck or back porch. My take on that is a front porch is less private and adds to the possibility of socializing. My daughter has a front porch and they use it a lot and the kids love it. It certainly gets one involved with what's going on around the neighborhood. If we ever build a house again, my husband and I have always dreamed about a big wrap around front porch. Guess we both new it would make us happier. Research shows the happiest people are the ones who socialize five to six hours a day. Having three close friends rather than one helps to stay away from loneliness. People in the 70's had a least three people they could count on, on a bad day. We are now down to one. Having more friends requires effort to cultivate those relationships, but that's all part of increasing our happiness. Good light is important. Have windows that look out onto nature and let the light in. Research proves that having some form of religion always produces happier people. Being married for ten years or longer also proves to provide happiness, three times more than being single although there is no guarantee. Volunteering is generous and you can always stack your happiness by being generous. It seems there really is nothing hard about getting more of happiness. Happy people have a purpose driven life. They like to be active, eat right, manage their money, be healthy, love where they live and be around like minded people. Makes sense to me.

I just like being around people that are happy! It is uplifting and fun. I feel very fortunate that my husband and I were led to a place to live that just so happens to be a place where happy people live. I am certain is was no coincidence. I have also come to realize that you can not make people happy no matter what you do. They have to find happiness for themselves. People that appear to be unhappy about " you" are generally people that are unhappy about " themselves" That is something none of us can fix, only them. What I can do is pray for them and have faith they will find their little pot of gold(happiness) in their due time. In the meantime, I will work our own happiness. I am going to put some effort into my own front court yard this week and see what happiness I can find out there.

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Love and Peace,