Thankful Heart

Have you checked your heart lately for gratitude? I know, I know, sometimes it can be difficult to be thankful when we feel as though we have been served up a bowl of extra sour lemons. But what if I told you that your health ,both mind and body improves with GRATITUDE. Does that make you want to improve your posture in gratitude? It does for me. Lets check out how being thankful helps us and others. If we are served a bowl of sour lemons, lets think what will I make with these lovely creatures.

I discovered through current research that being grateful can lower the stress hormone cortisol by a whole 23 percent. Lowering blood pressure, building the immune system, encouraging better sleep and reducing aging of the brain are more benefits of practicing our thankfulness. Another study revealed people who express gratitude had better heart health, most notably less inflammation. Remember inflammation is the start of disease. Even their heart rhythms measured healthier. When we think about what we appreciate, the calming part of our nervous system is alerted which leads to releasing the hormone for bonding in relationships, oxytocin. These are dramatic and lasting effects on our lives. We all can earn these positive health charges just by being more thankful. You in yet?

It might be hard to imagine for some that if you are more grateful, you can become less depressed, less fatigue and have overall better health. Maybe it is not just natural in nature for you to be grateful, rest assured you can learn to be grateful. You should want to be because being grateful just makes your feel better too. You somehow become better connected to yourself and your environment. Sounds pretty inviting. Kind of going along the same lines as finding more happiness in one of our more recent blogs we published. So how do we become more grateful? I had a doctor tell me once at the end of each day, take out my journal and right down 10-20 things that I am grateful for. I actually really enjoyed doing that for a few months. I was amazed at all things in my life that I had given myself permission to be grateful for. There are many inspiring scriptures in the bible that can help teach and honor gratitude. Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is Gods will for you in Jesus Christ 1 Thessalonians 5:18. Memorize prayers of gratitude, then you always have them on the fly! There are books written on being thankful that can be read. Just thinking about what we are grateful for helps us to be more grateful, Set aside five minutes each day to just think about what you are grateful for. Stop comparing yourself to what others have and you don't. There will always be someone come to thought who is better off than you. Be grateful for what you have in that moment. Get out and put yourself into a new situation that can make you feel grateful. Take time to see nature and be grateful for all that beauty.

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