Turning the table on Stress

Stress is familiar to all of us in some form. It has been around since the beginning of time. Think about how stressful it was for our ancestors to just stay warm, find food or protect themselves from a deadly beast! Stress was no doubt a survival skill. When food was abundant, warmth was not an issue and danger was not near, their stress level went way down. Today for us, we are constantly being thrown into a ring of fire. The stress is combined with traffic, paying bills, work deadlines, family obligations and so fourth. It seems like there is never enough time to take a break, relax and relieve some stress for abit. With all this day to day stress we combat, our hormones are over activated and disease can set in. High blood pressure, poor immune systems, depression, inflammation, anxiety and much more is likely what we will encounter if we can not turn the tables on stress. The idea of thriving in stress appeals to me and is certainly attainable. Let us see how we can find the balance rather than being beat down.

Stressors have the ability to destroy or lift up a persons life. The result of stress depends highly on how we deal with stress. We need to prepare, adapt and recover. Focus on becoming and staying strong in the areas of eating, hydrating, moving and thinking. We can look at how well we are adapting to stress by reviewing our quality of life, our aging process and our overall life experiences. Functioning at about 80 percent in eustress( the body adapts to the stressor and becomes stronger and more resilient through the stress)will enhance our functionality. You may be asking yourself how can you turn your daily stressors into eustress?

Begin the process by taking on self empowerment and responsibility for yourself. The mindset of life will never be easy but I can improve and get stronger needs to be adapted, I can improve my nutrition, become fit, learn to be a little more patient, take care of my body better, get better in relationships, etc. Put some healthy pressure on yourself and step up to the plate. Your life will rise up and truly improve.

Begin your plan with a strong thinking mindset. Instead of focusing on all the stress you are under and the tireless worrying, put fourth some strong positive prayers and positive statements. This will instill hope and release new found energy. Suddenly you will be thinking more creatively about your unique challenges. Over time, these prayers and affirmations will make you stronger and help you deal with challenges more effectively. Your confidence level will rise in almost every area of your life. When preparing for your daily challenge, take a few minutes to visualize things working out just right rather than focusing on all the wrong things that could happen. Visualizing is a great way to help you prepare for mental hurdles. When you are working on visualization, take on a strong posture too such as a clinched fist or bring your shoulders back. Overtime and practice, you will get into visualization quickly and effectively.

Consider your nutrition stance. If you are eating sugary and processed foods mainly, you no doubt have a weakened immune system along with weakness and low energy. That crap overstimulates our bodies. Focus on foods rich in trace minerals, healthy fats and phytonutrients. That type of nutrition strengthens our body and mind. In most cases people report more energy, better mental clarity and happy state of being from removing sugars and processed foods. I tell you, those chemicals and processed sugars wreak havoc on the mind and body big time! Many people will need a more advanced elimination diet to become healthier. Step up and take responsibility for your food you put into your mouth! No one else is going to do it for you. Hydration is soooo overlooked. Make sure you are hydrated ALL the time! Clean water too.

Move strong because it is essential for life and health! Exercise and focused breathing go hand and hand. Recovery also plays a vital role. Make sure your body and mind are recovering in between bouts of exercises. If you are just getting started into a fitness program, make sure your adrenal glands are under control before going for more intensity. A good fitness program to start with is CrossFit. They have a hour long program that you can get a lot done in under supervision.

There are plenty of adaptogen herbs available to put into your smoothies that help us deal with stress. I use many of them daily and swear by them. I like to use holy basil, ashwaghanda, gingseng and rhodiola. I use many more of them at times too. You can google them or even purchase a book to help you understand the usage and effects they have on stress.

Do not let the holiday season stress you out. This is a time where you should be enjoying yourself. Improve your holidays by learning to say " No" to too much. Make healthier treats and limit yourself. Make some of your gifts, the meaning means so much more to both the giver and receiver. I love making gifts. I made homemade eggnog, lavender bath balms and mulled wine this year to give as gifts. The gifts I bought were local and handmade. The bottom line is take control and be responable your choices in life. Focus on being strong in moving, thinking, eating and hydrating and you got this. Turn your tabled stress into eustress. Focus on the reason for the season. He is always calming and a breath of fresh air.

My last message today is to say Merry Christmas! To thank you for subscribing to my blog and thank you to those that have sent me messages letting me know how I have helped you or given me ideas. If you have an idea about something you would like to see on the blog, please let me know. If you want to submit a written article to be published on the blog, send them in. Until the new year, peace and love be with you.