Kids and CrossFit

Chantell age 14
Gabe age 11

CrossFit has so much to offer in all ranks of individuals. I have witnessed totally unfit people drop 100's of pounds and get off medications from previous diseases. I have seen older athletes bring their mojo back and compete at a professional and world class level, including myself. I bare witness to children who have joined kids CrossFit and win all their athletic events at school. The adaptive CrossFit program to say the least is inspiring when you watch a athlete missing an arm perform an advanced movement, That's when you have that moment what's my excuse? I think watching CrossFit members move their own bodyweight for the first time in their life is a highlight for me, mainly because I was one of them. I could write the entire blog today on all that CrossFit has to offer, but my mind is with the children and their CrossFit program that is available to them.

I first witnessed a kids CrossFit class at Northstate CrossFit in Redding, California. They had a daily program in the afternoon after the kids finished school. What a way to refresh your day I thought and soon brought my six year old Grandson to their kids CrossFit program. He loved it and after I built my first CrossFit box he continued his kids CrossFit under the supervision of professional masters world class Nana! He suddenly had a certified personal trainer, lol!

The kids CrossFit program is designed for youth between the ages of 3-18. The program adheres to the basic principles of mechanics, consistency and then intensity. Kids CrossFit focus's on emphasizing good movement throughout their childhood and adolescence. When good mechanics are obtained consistently, kids will have fewer sports injuries, improved better sports performance and physical literacy. Research proves that exercise is highly likely to improve cognitive function. Showing up to kid CrossFit 3-5 days per week is going to make a difference in their academic achievement. I did say it was a great way to refresh a kids day after school. They go home, eat, and do their homework after kids CrossFit with energy and higher performance. If you have kids, are you in yet?

Sawyer almost 4 yrs. & Lyla almost 2 yrs.

CrossFit programs these kids work outs in a way that is BIG fun. The work outs are usually only 30 minutes long from warm up to cool down. CrossFit gives these kids fun in a way that is active rather than sedentary. This in turn produces less childhood obesity and better overall health in our precious children. Just like the individual CrossFit work outs, the kids programming is scalable. meaning no matter what the age of the child or the level of fitness or athletic capabilities, its all possible to get done. Kids CrossFit classes are usually inexpensive and require very little equipment. This provides opportunity for a wide array of social economic groups to become fit and healthy for the rest of their lives. Kids CrossFit also teaches their children athletes the knowledge to make better choices when it comes to food and drink. Kids CrossFit has been so amazing that many schools have incorporated the program in their physical education curriculum. That says a lot in my opinion. Even the homeschoolers can jump in and join a CrossFit box for kids CrossFit or the director of the homeschooler, usually the parent can get certified and teach their children in their own homeschooling program.

My husband and I have had a home CrossFit box since 2012 and when ever the Grandchildren come to stay, they know they will be doing kids CrossFit. At our house, it is not an option, it is a requirement. I notice their attitudes improve, they sleep longer and better, their appetites improve, they gain muscle( its a beautiful thing on a three year old or thirteen year old)they have more energy and their desire for healthy foods increase. They go home with better sports performance like winning all their cross country events!!!!! Come on! They go home wanting to move and spend less time on their phones and Ipads, etc. They go home not wanting a bowl of cereal with milk for breakfast. They go home strong in body and mind which leads them to make better choices all around. Yep, I most definitely advocate kids CrossFit. The younger the better in most cases. I love being creative in their work outs, never repeating or boring them. I enjoy investing in special small peoples equipment. When I bought my first training barbell ( twelve pounder) and my first four pound wall ball, I was in heaven for these kids. Drooling is more like it. I know, I know, not everyone is as excited about exercise as I am, but they need to at least be doing it on a regular basis. So grab your kids and go check out a kids CrossFit class. It should be a total enhancing experience.

Happy and Blessed New Year, wow 2018, I love it!!