The Dangers Of Chronic Inflammation

What is inflammation and how does it effect us? Furthermore, what is Chronic inflammation and the dangers it presents? The word inflammation is a generalized term. Typically when the body needs help from the immune system, a inflammatory substance is released to the area that needs attention. An example would be when you scratch or cut yourself, Your immune system goes to work right away providing the inflammatory response. Another primary cause of inflammation is oxidative stress. Poor diet, electromagnetic radiation from phones, Wi-Fi, etc and emotional stress all contribute to oxidative stress in no small way. If we take the time to understand these factors that influence our health, its a very proactive way to stack our health in our favor.

Chronic inflammation conditions are very abundant in our society sadly and included are heart disease, cancer, autoimmunity, arthritis, neurodegeneration such as Alzheimer and MS and many more conditions. When our inflammation level is high, it lowers the ability of our body to function at a cellular level allowing the inflammation to contribute to the conditions. Getting our inflammation markers down is the first step to getting rid of these adverse conditions. There may be other factors to consider but reversing your inflammatory process to a healthier level supports the body to get into a healthy state where many health battles can be won. That's right, I said won! Better yet, how about winning the battle before it ever starts just by being privy of all this and making the right choices concerning your health before that nasty cup of disease starts and you have to start swallowing prescription drugs.

Let us look at some examples of how inflammation effects the body. The brain for example has a autoimmune type response from pro inflammatory cytokines. This in turn can lead to depression, autism, poor memory, Alzheimer's disease and MS. Inflammatory cytokines can cause great muscle pain and weakness which in turn can manifest itself into polymyalgia rheumatica or carpal tunnel syndrome. When your body is highly inflamed, an enlarged liver or a fatty liver can develop. Our toxicity in our body increases from there. Inflammatory cytokines lower blood flow to the kidneys. The restricted blood flow then causes complications such as nephritis, hypertension, edema and kidney failure. Our airways are restricted from inflammation leading to asthma or other allergies. When our bodies are loaded with inflammation, the inflammation interrupts the bodies abilities to repair bone mass which increases fractures. The risk level for conditions such as osteoporosis rise greatly. Cardiovascular, thyroid, abnormal cell growth and skin are all at risk of disease when our inflammatory markers are high. Are you starting to understand that the likely hood of a disease has a common underlying thread, called chronic inflammation? So what are some hacks on how we can take care of ourselves and avoid an overflow of inflammation?

Improving your diet is a great start to lowering your inflammation markers. Reverting back to a more natural state of eating rather than processed food is the way to go. Cutting or even removing sugars and grains from your diet as these are high inflammation producing foods. Choose healthy fats rather than processed vegetable oils. Eat a vast majority of organic low glycemic vegetables and fruits. Make sure any meat your eat is grass fed and grass finished. Eating a low carb high good fat diet supports low inflammation and improves metabolism. We also need to work on decreasing our exposures to toxins. By eating a healthy diet like mentioned above, we are already removing many of the toxins that come through food. Secondly, we need to consider our water supply. We can not afford to drink tap water anymore. The tap waters from the municipal water supplies are loaded with heavy metals, chlorine,fluoride and some even are testing positive for pharmaceutical drugs. Even if you have your own well, you are at risk for drinking toxic water. Putting a whole house water filtration system is the best way to go. Not only is it removing the toxins from your drinking water but also the water you bath and shower in. After all, your skin is your largest organ. Reverse Osmosis is a drinking water system that you can install on your kitchen sink that works very well to removes most of the toxins. Having good clean water available is a step in the right direction but drinking it and staying hydrated is just as important. The more we pee, the more inflammatory waste and environmental toxins we can release. How much water should we drink? Half your body weight in ounces, but more if you are in a healing mode. It is important to eliminate foods that cause allergies in our bodies. The allergies cause a inflammatory process in the body. If we consume these foods on a regular basis, we put the body in a chronic state of inflammation in the gut and soon in the rest of the body. It is important to address our micronutrient deficiencies. Our body can not function optimally without proper nutrition. Testing for deficiencies and addressing them helps us to mitigate chronic inflammation. There are many anti inflammatory supplements that have much benefit to us. A few examples are vitamin D and curcumin. Of course getting healthy exercise is important in reducing inflammation. In order to remove the toxins, we can not be stagnant. The body needs to move in order to circulate the lymph fluid, increase cardiovascular circulation, and respiration. Last but not least is reducing emotional stress. Emotional stress is a major addition to oxidative stress and yep you got it, INFLAMMATION!

We all endure some inflammation. The point is to not let it get out of control to the point is causes cancer, arthritis, chronic fatigue, auto-immunity, fibromyalgia and other conditions. We are blessed in the sense we have the power to over come chronic inflammation. The way we check our inflammation levels are through testing. Ask your doctor to check your inflammation markers through fasting insulin, hemoglobin A1C(HgA1C),C Reactive Protein(CRP-Hs), Serum Ferritin and Red Blood Cell Width(RBW). Even if you are young and have no health conditions, its great to have one of those markers done and keep tract of it on a spreadsheet and you have the tests repeated every so often. This is a good way to watch your health to stay on tract or detect something going awry. If a person took this advice and went forward with it they have a better chance of staying on point with their health.

Stay tuned in next week for another yummy recipe. It needs to be something southern since I am returning from the south this week! Have a beautiful peaceful week and enjoy your journey.

Love and Peace,