Why Infrared Sauna?

Do you find it relaxing to step into a sauna and bask to a nice sweat? Many people get a chance to take a sauna while using a health club facility or maybe in a fancy spa as a treat to yourself. Have you ever thought of investing in a sauna for your home? Perhaps even building one for your home has crossed your mind. Both of those ideas are possible and one should highly consider it for optimal health. I was fortunate when I lived in Alaska and I was competing in body building and power lifting as my home had a built in dry sauna. I used this sauna on a regular basis to help track my body weight and reduce soreness from my programmed work outs. Little did I know ALL the benefits from sauna usage or I would have kept it up. We installed an infrared sauna in our home almost two years ago after learning all the benefits. We use it 4-6 days a week usually for forty five minute increments. I truly believe it changes our health for the best in many ways. If I opened a exercise studio of any sort, I would definitely have a sauna available for my athletes. If you are reading this and are a exercise competitor, you had better be using a sauna for its highly touted benefits because I am pretty sure your competition is!!

So what does a infrared sauna do for us? The first and most obvious is sweating out toxic wastes. The infrared is different than a traditional sauna that just heats the air. The infrared sauna raises the core body temperature with light and heat therapy. Did you know that cancer cells, bugs like Lyme and parasites all hate heat and can not survive over a certain body temperature? Amazing way to keep those cancer cells that we all have under control. You may not be dealing with a chronic disease but everyone is dealing with toxins. Even if you eat a clean diet, grow all your own food, make your own soap, you are still full of toxins from the things we can not control. We manage to build up so many toxins in our body from our food, the air, household cleaners, beauty products and offgassing products from stores. Wake up folks, no one is immune to these toxins. I just read an article that there was a study done in 2008 that claimed to find 232 pollutants and toxins in the blood of umbilical cords of newborn babies. The study was done by The Environmental Working Group. The culprits from that study include lead, mercury and even toxins found in Teflon and carpet protectors. So bring on that sauna to sweat out those toxins. We want them out of our bodies. There are many studies that have shown that infrared saunas can sweat out these dangerous toxins and the air does not have to get uncomfortably hot in the infrared sauna such as traditional saunas to sweat. When you are heating your bodies core temperature, you are detoxifying at a cellular level which is where the toxins live. There are even studies to prove mercury levels were reduced to normal in individuals after consistent saunas. Does that sell you alone? It did me. The infrared also reaches far into the skin, reaching fat tissues, muscles and even organs, yep detoxtifying the whole body.

What about heart health? Many studies have proved heart patients had great improvements after infrared sessions. Almost every single patient in the studies showed improved symptoms and their walking distance increased in the six minute time period. Blood pressure improved both diastolically and systolically. Epinephrine and norepinephrine both decreased. These results were shown after only ten sessions, can you imagine how much more a heart patient could improve with prolonged usage? I can not imagine having a heart condition and not owning a sauna with this much progress.

If I have not convinced you yet on how infrared sauna usage can bump up your health, maybe having softer and smoother skin may invite you. Yep, collagen and elastin increase with regular usage of the infrared sauna. A 2006 research study proved that to the doctors involved in the research. Our skin is about 3/4 collagen. Just think we can increase the protein nutrient collagen by hitting the sauna helping our skin stay thick. Allowing the sauna to do its works by unclogging sweat ducts and through the sweating, sloughing off dead skin. The sweating also stimulates our lymphatic system, removing the garbage and toxins from our bodies. If our pores are clear, our capillaries can circulate better allowing for smoother skin!. These capillaries take on the big job of moving nutrients and oxygen around our blood and body. When we have more nourishment this way, we have that soft and glowing look that people pay large amounts of money for. Our wounds also heal quicker when we have great elastin and collagen. As we age, collagen and elastin decline, but with the sauna, we can help encourage them to stay at a optimal level.

Interested in getting sick less? Did you know that infrared saunas can help build up your immune system? Have you ever noticed when you have the flu or a cold, your body seems to be a little warmer than normal? That is how your body fights off your sickness by a fever, your body is doing what is needed. The infrared sauna works in the same way, raising your core body temperature. There is a study published in 2013 where the subjects in the study took short 15 minute saunas. Afterwards they had full blood panels drawn. Remarkably, the subjects body core rose to 102.2 and the sauna proved to increase white blood cells, basophils, lymphocytes and neutrophils. That gives the immune system a nudge in the right direction. Another interesting point to bring out in this study from The Journal Of Human Kinetics is that athletes had even a higher boost. Another reason for a tough competitor to make sure they are taking saunas on a regular basis.

What about pain? Everyone has a little pain now and then, some more than others. There are many reports and studies out that are reporting way less pain after using infrared saunas from chronic to acute pain. With repeated sessions, even less pain. The reports were claiming less pain anything from a sports injury to fibromyalgia. Taking a sauna also affords us a relaxing time and some stress free relief. Almost everyone deals with chronic stress on some level in todays world. This type of stress has a negative effect on the brain and body plus contributes to many disorders such as insomnia and poor digestion. Thank goodness, the infrared sauna provides us with a parasympathetic state. A state of rest and digest! The warm of the sauna encourages us to relax our muscles. It is a great time to pray, meditate or just find some relief from our crazy fast moving world today.

The sauna can even help your memory. A Twenty year study that was done in Finland proved that frequent saunas lowered the risk of Alzheimer's disease and dementia. The age of the men who were studied were between 40-60 years of age with no health issues. Those that took the sauna 4-7 times per week had less occurrence of mental disorders verses the one who did not sauna.

I really like my sauna. Both my husband and I enjoy out infrared sauna 4-6 times per week and stay in for about 45 min. Just like anything else, we worked our way up to that time and adjusted our temperatures as we built up tolerance. We also consulted our functional medicine doctor before purchasing our sauna and using it. My husband also studied the different types of infrared saunas before we purchased one. There was a lot to study, bells and whistles, prices and brands of infrared saunas. We bought a three person indoor sauna. It tucks away nicely in our laundry room. It has a nice surround sound system in it as well. It appears you just can not go wrong with a sauna, especially those days when you can not exercise and bring a sweat. I have only brought to your attention some of the benefits, there are many more!!!

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Love and Peace,