Hydration Plus Hydrating Food

Hydrating Foods

Hydration, why is it so important? Our bodies depend on water. Every organ, tissue and cell depend on water to function properly. Water lubricates our joints, removes toxins and waste plus we need water to maintain body temperature. We plain need water for good health. We need to focus on clean water too. Consider putting a reverse osmosis on your sink to provide you with pure water. Buying water in plastic bottles truly is not the best choice considering it is stored in a plastic bottle and how pure is the so called spring water or filtered water? Test it if you question me. How much money are you going to save because you will not have to buy bottled water once you install your water filtration system? You can take this clean water thing to a whole another level by installing a whole house filtration system. We just bought a new house in Tennessee and we are going to install a whole hose water filtration system here shortly. We also had one installed in our house on the coast of California we sold. I do believe it was a selling point to the new owners. We are well into summer now and let us remind ourselves that we do not want to be one of the ones who show up at the local emergency room and are diagnosed with dehydration.

So the big question for many is how much clean water I am suppose to be drinking? It will all depend on your own circumstances. Are you exercising or physically exerting yourself? What is the weather like that you are living in day to day. Do you have a physical job? Are you taking medications that require extra hydration? The rule of thumb on the actual amount is usually half your body weight in ounces, but this can vary from person to person. Again, half your body weight in ounces may not be enough if you are working outside on a hot and humid day. One way of knowing if you are getting enough is by checking the color of your urine. If your urine is colorless or light yellow, you are well hydrated. If your urine is colored dark yellow or amber, there is a good chance you may be dehydrated. I like to start drinking my water when I first rise and sip on it all day. In order to stay well hydrated, you need to spread out your daily consumption throughout the day. Drinking massive amounts in one or two sittings is not the correct way to stay well hydrated.

Other signs or symptoms of dehydration are headaches, dry mouth, sleepiness or fatigue, confusion, dizziness/lightheadedness,little to no urine, extreme thirst and no tears when crying. Many people end up in the emergency room from dehydration. I can not personally imagine that as I have always been a big water drinker mainly due to my participation in sports and dedication to nutrition in general. For many people it is hard to drink the approiate amount of water their bodies need to thrive. Some do not like the taste of water. You can change that up by putting a slice of an organic lemon or lime in your drinking water. You can also add pure organic essential oils, like a peppermint oil or even orange. Allowing yourself a water break schedule can also be a great way to make sure you are consuming all that you need. Every hour on the hour, one can drink a small glass of water is just one idea. Make sure you have a nontoxic water bottle that you keep clean and full of pure water and take with you where ever you might go. You can also drink other fluids that can by hydrating too such a organic watermelon juice you freshly pressed. Herbal teas do not carry caffeine, so they have a nice hydrating effect. Just think how much smoother your body will run if you stay hydrated.

Other ways of staying hydrated is to eat hydrating foods. Many fruits and vegetables are loaded with water along with other valuable nutrients. Cucumbers and melons are wonderful choices for hydrating foods. I like making the cucumber, pineapple, lime and cilantro salad that is on my website on the recipe section. It is loaded with hydrating fluids and tastes wonderfully bright and thirst quenching. Homemade soups are another hydrating choice made either hot or cold such as gazpacho. I do suggest making these soups yourself so you can control the salt intake. Smoothies are also a nice way to hydrate. I like to use organic coconut water and leafy greens with lemons and limes in my smoothies I usually drink after working out. I usually have a supply of fresh organic coconut water that I drained from my fresh young organic coconuts I use to make my nondairy yogurt. By the way, yogurt can also be considered a hydrating food. When I make my coconut yogurt, I add the fresh coconut water back into the yogurt I make with the young coconuts. Organic commercial cottage cheese and yogurt both are hydrating especially with some melon atop. Another good source of hydration is fresh juice you can press from mostly organic veggies and a little fruit. Cucumbers and celery are both very high in water. Pineapples when perfectly ripe along with watermelons are wonderful to press and drink for hydration. There is a juice recipe on my website too. You can detox and hydrate at the same time. How is that for improving your health? Beats the heck out of a Mt. Dew! Nothing beats the pure water but I have managed to give you some food choices that will help you along the way to enjoy your hydration journey.

Make sure you take the time to hydrate yourself and help remind your family members, work associates and friends. No one needs to end up in the emergency room over something as silly as not watering your own body. It truly amazes me when I spend the day with someone and they never consume a glass of water in my presence. Switch out that sweet tea for pure water.

I am fully living in the south now. It is been very fulfilling in many ways. I hope to be able to take some southern traditional foods and put my healthy spin on it, so stay tuned for some new recipes coming out! Thanks for being patient with me as I took a vacation from the blog for a few weeks so I could get settled into our new home. So many marvelous things to do. Excited to plant some fruit trees and get a garden started. Enjoy your summer and stay healthy.

Love and Peace,