Improving Your Gut Part 1

Improving your digestive system

More and more people are realizing that chronic headaches, inflammation, mood disorders and other health concerns are not normal parts of life. Rather they are signs of poor health related to the gut. As more evidence comes out through hard core research, it has been discovered that the gut has a dramatic effect on our overall health. Improving the health of the gut more than likely will be a game changer for almost anyone. My functional medicine doctor completely understands this and prescribes medicinal food and supplements to improve peoples health all the time with GREAT success for those who chose to follow her protocols. She taught my husband and I three years ago onto how important it is to treasure the gut and take care of it for exactly that, overall health. After being tested, we were both grateful to know our gut was in good shape but she impressed upon us how important it is to continue to protect and take care of our gut. We can prevent many health issues and diseases by paying specific attention to our gut health on a daily basis. Super blessed that "junk food or fast food" has never been a regular choice for nutrition for either of us since we have been married. Lucky for me, my Mom served two vegetables each night for dinner as well as a salad and a piece of meat. My folks still eat like this and they are both 83 and still driving and living independent. I can tell you their diets mean everything to them right now whether they know it or not.

So why is it so important to take care of our gut? How does the gut protect us from harm throughout the entire body? Our digestive system plays a important role in immunity, mental health and metabolism. It is not just for digestion of foods. How can the gut have such an impact on so many areas of our health? It is called the microbiome. The microbiome fill the gut with a diverse group of different types of bacteria. It has been said and believed that the number of bacteria in the gut outnumber the cells in your body by a 10-to-1 ratio. Do I have your attention yet as to how important that gut biome is? I hope so, because it is part of a huge key into having a healthy life style.

So what exactly do these intestinal flora do in our guts? By providing a physical barrier to invasive and dangerous microbes, our gut flora enhances the functionality of the immune system. The good bacteria in the gut play a vital role in the synthesis of vitamin B and K and also the absorption of calcium and iron. The metabolic activity of the gut biome allows our body to utilize the food that would otherwise not be digested. So you just read what good flora does, what happens when the bad flora outweighs the good flora in the gut? 2009 research shows obese people have huge difference in gut flora than do normal weight people. Bad gut flora likely plays a major role in the development of many inflammatory diseases such including IBD and colitis. There is also science research that suggests there is a link between autism and decreased gut bacteria diversity. We have to have the balance in the gut concerning the flora. We do not want too much of unhelpful bacteria or health issues are going to crop up.

So lets chat about what we can stop doing to give the gut a kick start to new health and find a healthful balance. Remove artificial sweeteners,processed sugar, non-organic produce, GMOs and overly sterilized environments. We all now understand how antibiotics not only destroy some bad bacteria, but also the good bacteria we need to thrive with. Maybe sugar and artificial sweeteners are less commonly known in the sense they provide an overgrowth of unwanted bacteria. This can lead to sugar cravings, brain fog, increased chance of obesity and far more. Non- organic foods and GMOs are damaging due to their notoriously high levels of glyphosate. Glyphosate is a dangerous pesticide. This pesticide has a long list of adverse reactions. Studies have shown glyphosate has been found in the gut lining loosening the gap junctions between the cells. Now we have a leaky gut which contributes to the overgrowth of harmful bacteria. Drinking tap water is also a source of gut microbiome destruction. Tap water is loaded with problem chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride and aluminum. That's why it is important that we have a home water filtration system that can remove that junk. Please stop over sterilization in your home and around you. The over sterilization destroys not only the germs but also the good bacteria we desperately need to survive and stay healthy.

Replace your sugar intake with fibrous foods. Foods high in fiber are prebiotic, meaning they feed the good gut bacteria. They will also help your digestive tract by eliminating waste quicker. I like to eat fibrous foods such as avocados, berries, coconut meat{make our own coconut non dairy yogurt) leafy green veggies and cruciferous veggies like broccoli and cauliflower. I love all those foods and so I eat them every day. Think of it this way, diets high in fiber feed the good bacteria in the gut, providing us with good health. Feeding the gut with sugar and grains, etc feed the bad bacteria setting us up for diseases such as Crohn's Disease and many other diseases. You can decide your own health through eating choices. Wow, its easy once you get going. Another way of thinking about eating fiberous foods is if you don't you are starving your good bacteria. Let us feed them please. Hey stay with me these next few weeks as I finish part two of this important article on our precious guts and a healthy recipe. Thinking of making some type of relish since its summertime and we are eating more outdoors.

Love and Peace and Hugs!