Know Your Meniscus Part II

Hey! Happy New Year to my lovely and missed subscribers. You are probably wondering where I have been for the past few months. I wonder the same about myself. Between the holidays and the permanent arrival of family members from California my life to say the least has been consumed. Mostly goodness though! Besides having writers block for the first time since I started this blog, the interruptions and all the other priorities have taken my time. Today I said I owe my subscribers an explanation as to my " missing in action" and headed to the peaceful library to accomplish just that. The guilt of not writing on this blog really bothered me. If I can not provide the time to get the information out like I wanted to when I started this blog really only means one thing to me. My season of blogging may have come to an end as other priorities stare me in the face! I guess I am going to have to make a decision in the next few weeks on what I will do with this blog. No worries, I will let you all know one way or the other. Any encouragement or thoughts would be appreciated!!!

I wanted to follow up with you all in regards to my knee injury. As some of you may recall, I subjected myself to a knee injury jumping lots of rope October of 2017. I reinjured it mid summer doing power cleans when I got onto some uneven flooring. I had hyper extended that knee back a few more years when I was suddenly knocked down by a colt in flight. I finally went to three orthopedic surgeons regarding the injuries and to understand and gain knowledge from the MRI this past fall. If you remember I was given three different opinions by the three ortho surgeons. The one opinion that stood out was taking some time off from exercising the lower body and allowing time to heal my tiny lateral meniscus tear. I was actually amazed this was even an option. I am very pleased to report my knee has drastically improved over time. I took his advise and managed to only do upper body workouts for just over three months. That was pretty cool because I got very strong again on my upper body especially with body weight movements. Regained my old PR of strict pullups of 7 in a row! Had not done that since 2015 when I was training for the CrossFit Games. Once I stopped training the lower body, the pain and edema subsided almost immediately. I was completely amazed at this but concerned if it would not hold once I started back with lower body training.

The day came when it was time to test the knee by adding lower body movements back in slowly. The hardest part was going slow and light with the weights. I am into lower body movements just over two months now. Things have not been perfect but darn near. I have not reinjured it thus far. I have no pain in it from normal everyday life as I did before. Very little to no pain at all while working out. I have been able to obtain nearly all the range of motion back too. Any swelling that I have experienced recently dissipates over night rather than lingering on daily. I am proud of myself for avoiding that surgery and praying to stay on top of that knee and the rest of my body from further injuries! Since I will not be competing again at a Professional level, I see no reason to drive myself that hard with heavy weights and hours and hours of training. That in itself should help prevent further injuries. My chiropractor agrees with that fully. Thank God I can ride the rocket of a horse I own without handicap or pain.

I wanted to share a few other things that I did to help my knee recover as well as preventing reinjury to it. I started taking grass fed grass finished collagen powder as well as a joint supplement. I take a lot of supplements based on my own personal needs but those two supplements were not on the agenda but are now. I also upped my dosage of CBD oil to fight off the inflammation. I started back with regular chiro and massages to help open the energy pathways and increase the circulation. I was told and read there is very little circulation in the cartilage area of the knee( meniscus) so I felt I needed to do everything in my power to help increase it. I also would say the power of the mind plays a role too. You have to believe to receive. I really do not feel like I am out of the woods yet but I am certainly headed in the right direction and my knee has healed. I think it is easy to reinjure at this point, but I think I will glide past that too in time. Sometime I forget I even had an injury there and that surprises me when I recall it as I had not been protecting it. This too will pass in time. So this truly was an experiment which only took time and discipline and a lot less money had I opted for the surgery. I avoided the surgery because of the side effects of having knee surgery or any surgery. One thing that scares me about a possible reinjury is tearing the meniscus more. I am told the tear is tiny. When you have surgery on your meniscus, they do not repair it, they actually go in and cut the torn part of the meniscus out. The term is called " cleaning the meniscus up". That means going in and cutting it out.

Now you are missing part of your cushion which opens you up to arthritis and more than likely a full knee replacement later. No thanks folks, no thanks! So if I reinjure it, that more than likely will be more tearing which in turn a surgery with lots of cartilage cut out! So with that bit of knowledge in my head, it slows my one gear training mode down to other gears. I am by no means an expert on the meniscus, however I knew it was important to share this journey because I was almost talked into surgery as it was scheduled! Praise God for the lighted path he provided for me and praise God for all the people who were in my court and still are. I hopefully can help light your paths too.

Be safe everyone and know that 2019 can be your year! You have the capabilities to do that and so do I! I should blog on goals next, lol! Peace, hope and love,