Improving Our Energy Levels In 2019

How many times have you thought if I just had more energy I could do this or do that? Do you wake up feeling unrested and reach for the caffeine drinks many times per day to only find yourself unable to sleep when it is time to go to bed? I myself have been very fortunate with my health and my energy levels. I would never consider myself hyper but I am made like my Grandmother Bertha and have been known to work circles around people. I am very grateful that I have been blessed with a tremendous amount of energy but I have to be careful because it can get me into trouble by over exerting and committing myself. I thought researching and sharing things that one can do to gain more energy is a worthy topic.

When you think of your own energy levels or that of others you probably don't think about the digestive system being tied into energy levels. Fortunately it has a huge impact on energy levels. I say fortunately because that is something we can improve easily which will improve much of our health. If we have poor digestion, we absorb less nutrients and endure more toxins which in turn leads to chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation severely drains our energy levels. So take care of your gut. Feed it properly and cut the junk food out completely. It is just not worth it now days. Add in prebiotic and probiotic foods to heal and protect the gut. Some examples of this are kombucha, raw onions, raw garlic, sauerkraut and yogurt.

We can start off the new year by stabilizing our blood sugar daily. Well you might be asking yourself, how do I do that? And you really want to know the answer to that because stabilizing your blood sugar will make you feel on top of the world. Energy galore. By reducing your carb intake and eating the healthy fats such as coconut oil, avocados, nuts, olives, seeds and grass fed butter with every meal will stabilize that blood sugar. Those high good fats food such as avocados will leave you with a full satisfied feeling.

Hey if you are not moving your body, now is a good time to start. Implement a exercise program that works for you and your schedule. Take a walk outside and move your body in a therapeutic way while enjoying the God given beauty of nature. The fresh air alone will revitalize you even if its for 20 minutes. Movement is a big player and essential in motivating your bowels to eliminate the toxins and wastes accumulated from yesterday through the food you were fueled with. Through movement, you will improve your blood and lymphatic flow and stimulate your brain too. These nature walks are therapeutic to our adrenal glands! Slow down, breath and notice what is all around while you walk. By clearing your mind and bowels, your energy levels will increase. This is because you wont be burning up your adrenals and stacking up a fecal breeding ground with bad bacteria.

So we touched on movement, blood sugar, the digestive system and lastly we need to focus on water intake. Please do not over look Hydration! It is very important in digestion and essential to good energy. Staying hydrated is great but staying super hydrated will take your energy level to a higher level. Try drinking 8-12 ounces of clean water every hour. Dr. Jockers suggest drinking your body weight in ounces throughout the day rather than half your body weight in ounces as most suggest. According to Dr. Jockers, it will really boost your energy to another level. The difference will be noted in not only your energy but bowels movements, skin, hair and mental clarity. Now this is an easy task. Just provide yourself with a jug of clean water such as reverse osmosis or a strong carbon filter. When using an RO, think about how you replace those minerals.

You don't have to do all these things in one day. Just start adding one per week and FEEL the difference! There is at least 20-25 ways to improve your energy, I have only given you a few ideas. Make your 2019 a energizer year! God Bless, peace and love always,