The Daniel Diet

How many of you have been searching for an idea on how to get your diet back on track since January? Maybe you have stalled out on the Keto Diet and need a switch hit for a bit. Have you ever wanted to try some type of fast but never could bring yourself to do it? Well read forward because I believe through the power of God, the Daniel diet can do just that. I think its pretty awesome you can connect with God and improve you health. The Daniel Fast is taken from the Holy Bible. The Prophet Daniel fasted from meat, wine and other rich foods while on his hands and knees seeking and praying to God. Rather than focusing on food and his own desires he was committed and focused on God. The second benefit was he and his men gained a sleek, fit and strong healthy mind and body. You in yet?

Christians of todays time came up with the Daniel Diet by following Daniels example recorded in the Bible. So what exactly is the Daniel diet? Let us consider it a partial fast as you probably will be fasting from many of your normal day to day foods. The foods included in the Daniel Diet are legumes( I soak mine prior to cooking to remove lectins), vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains, healthy fats, herbs, spices, herbal teas and clean water. I also recommend purchasing as much organic as possible to avoid pesticides and other chemicals. Your body will go through a cleanse and appreciate the nutrient dense foods and the likely hood of improving your health is high. Take the time to focus on your relationship with Jesus when your mind desires(cravings) foods that are removed from your diet during this time. Double whammy, yes indeed!!! That is the true purpose of the Daniel Diet, gaining a deeper spiritual experience with him. Once you remove your eyes off food and self gratification, it puts you in a position to think about him. Suddenly your heart and mind are open to hearing and receiving from him.

Check this scripture out from Daniel 1:15, At the end of the ten days they look healthier than any other young men who ate the royal food. There are many benefits of fasting to be thankful for, here are some examples that you may receive. Spiritual growth and fine tuned intuition, improving relationship with food, reducing inflammation, reduces the risk of chronic disease, boosts energy level, stimulates fat burning, enhances mental health, stimulates the development of stem cells, improves insulin sensitivity, increased mental health, weight loss, lowering BMI and more.

The bible explains that King Nebuchadnezzar wanted Daniel and his friends to eat the royal food to be strong and healthy. Daniel did not agree with this theory and begged the King to allow him to do a experiment with himself and his men. The experiment was the fast from meat, wine and rich foods for ten days. The King agreed to allow them to eat their food program. The results showed that Daniel and his men were much stronger and healthier looking. The King then allowed them to continue their preference of food. You can read the two chapters of Daniel in the bible to get a better understanding. You will note that Daniel later did a second fast of 21 days. So you can pick a time frame from 10-21 days for the Daniel fast. As in any change in your diet, it always a good idea to check with your doctor first before committing to a dietary change such as fasting.

How would one prepare to go on a 10-21 day fast? A week prior to your start, start eliminating things from your diet such as coffee. alcohol and sugars, etc. Prepare your mind by clearing distractions. Set aside time to meditate and focus on prayer. Start journaling and find some extra rest time. Get your directions from God. Document your goals ahead of time that you plan to achieve through this fast. Lastly a few tips that will help you get through the fast can be taking walks in nature, dinking plenty of clean water, sleep at least 7 hours or more if possible, add some healthy salt to your water to keep electrolytes in balance and maybe consider using a health coach to get your through your first fast.

Once again, the Daniel Diet is designed to bring you closer to God all why reaping health benefits. As always, I am interested in any questions you may have and also your results. I have never done the Daniel Diet but I have done three water only fasts in the last two years. The results were amazing! The first time I did the three day water only fast, it was difficult, but the second and third times were much easier as I knew what to be expected. The idea was to focus on God only during these times. Currently I long fast starting on Saturday nights and end well into the pm on Sundays. I enjoy this and it really helps me to focus on my spirituality deeply during this time. As always,

Love and Peace,