My Five Day Water Fast!

Hello subscribers and I bet you are wondering where in heck I have been? Well let me start off by saying I have been BUSY! The move to the south has been an absolute blessing in so many ways. Randy and I really felt like we were needed here and now we know as those feelings have turned into real life servanthood. Jesus is all around us and calling us into many wonderful places of service. It feels like home. So thanks for being patient and hanging in there with your subscription. I have missed blogging. I can not promise I will blog any more often, but what I can promise you is I am definatly in a big season of growing and I know I will want to share like I am today on my journey through a five day water fast.

Not too long ago my functional medicine doctor in California introduced me to water fasting. While under her supervision I completed three water fasts each lasting three days. A water fast truly is just drinking water only during those three days. As I graduated from those fasts successful each time, she asked me to step up my game to a five day water fast. Truly I was just not interested at that point. I mean five days!!!! Oh Lord how would I get through five days? Three is tough enough. Come on! She even offered to do it with me. I passed at that time for many reasons, but mainly I did not want to attack another two days. Had I known what I know now about a five day water fast, I would have joined her gladly, well almost gladly. LOL!

Not too long ago Dr. Jockers posted an article on The Five Day Water Fast! After reading his article that enlisted all the tremendous health benefits and wanting more Jesus encounters, I was all in. It took me some time to find the courage, a support group, dieting down and the right timing and then I dove in head first last week. Dieting down for me is cutting back on my calories, not eating so late at night and cutting out most all things unclean. I really believe the dieting down made it a bit easier of the shock of zero calories for five days! Let me tell you, this was one of the best experiences of my life and also one of the hardest things I have ever done. I completely tested my discipline and I found out again, I CAN pretty much do anything I set my mind to. In these next few paragraphs I hope to fully describe my journey through those five days and hope to maybe draw some interest as well. This is the article that enticed me to fast for five days. I also want to remind you that consulting your doctor before you commit is wise. I would also reccommned starting with a three day fast first or maybe even a 3 day organic juice fast, low glycemic.

On day one I was kind of just miserable. I mostly just felt sorry for myself that I could not have food or drink other than water for five whole days! This is when I started into spending more time with Jesus, asking him for help. Accidently, force of habit opened the refrigerator one time. I made sure I did not do that again as well as staying out of the kitchen. I timed the fast with the departure of my husband. He was off to a men's retreat with Redemption Church here in Crossville. I wanted him around the first couple days and the last day in case I needed him for moral support or maybe even medical. I knew the first day would be the hardest temptation wise. Feeling temptation and knowing that just helped and reminded me to press into Jesus for strength and to listen to his words of wisdom. We had an appointment the morning of my first fast day. As we drove into town for the appointment I started praying and I asked Jesus if he was in the truck with us and being a seer, he showed me he was in a sumo squat on top of our console. I immediately busted out laughing and had to share with my husband who also joined me in laughter. I asked him for encounters, energy to get through a meeting that night and discipline to not eat or drink something other than water. I tried to keep myself busy without wearing myself out physically or emotionally. I got in a small workout which consisted of about 8 minuets of cardio, crossover symmetry, shoulder exercises and a short version of a range of motion routine. I also spent some time in the sauna listening to meditation music and pressing into Jesus again. I managed to retain my energy and keep busy and go to bed early on day one. Honestly I was kind of glad the day was over. My highlights of day one were trail riding my horse Roze when a large owl swooped over us and perched itself on a tree limb right in our path. The owl was at least two feet tall or more and a foot wide. I was just mesmerized by its astounding beauty. He was not going anywhere anytime soon. He let Roze and I just glare and talk at him for at least five minutes. At that point I though that was the closest I have ever been to an owl in open nature. God does a wonderful job communicating to me through nature. The other highlight was Jesus riding into town with us in a sumo squat position in our truck, lol! The benefits of being a seer. I also got through my meeting and was very encouraged by the leaders of my church concerning a small group Randy and I had been asked to lead. I felt like I was in a good spot in many ways. Our pastor announced at the meeting all the leaders of the small groups that would be teaching would stand before the congregation on Sunday and sort of sale our group subject matter. At that moment I became paranoid thinking how will I get through that presentation with zero calories in me on day four! Jesus will see me through! My mind was hearing just that over and over again.

I managed to have a restful night. I went to bed early and slept ten hours which is a couple more than normal for me. I was pretty impressed with my rest time and thanked God for the rest. It was easy for me to want to spend time with Jesus after waking. I knew I needed him to help me get through day two and I wanted to go deep into spiritual encounters. I felt like he would provide as he always does, but I knew I would not miss those encounters because I was focused on him and was not physically or mentally able to resume my normal busy day which often prevents me from his will. Day two brought me an amazing amount of energy both physically and mentally. I felt like I was on top of the world with a positive spirit, clarity and all the things I started recalling I needed to do but never had or could remember to make the time for them. To my surprise I was even able to teach my CrossFit class and also do the same short exercise routine I had done on day one. Suddenly God just started filling my mind with more ideas for my 2019 Living Well Nutrition and Wellness 9 week course I was soon to teach. God downloading! This was so fulfilling as at times I was feeling concern and insecure about teaching this course even though I am highly qualified and have done this before. Satin was trying to kill, steal and destroy my class before it had even started. Jesus jumped in and saved the day again! I started writing down all his ideas and researching out ideas he was giving me. I also had the energy to ride my horse again and the owl showed up again. This time she swooped down in front of us( my horse and I) and snagged a frog from our pond. It was like I was watching a National Geographic movie. I was in awe and so stunned and knew this was another performance from God. My horse and I returned back to the pond toward the end of our training and she swooped in front of us again and landed on a tree limb even closer. I started crying it was so amazing and I thought to myself of all times of course I do not have my camera. She was so close and was not afraid of my horse nor I. We stayed and watched her for at least 10 minutes. I even tried having a conversation with her by attempting to hoot at her. I officially named her a she and her name is Chardonnay. I continued on with my day, sauna, training my Grandson in strength training and baseball drills. My brain was firing and I had lots of energy. I think it is important to mention before my husband left for his retreat, he went out of his way to prepare all his own meals and while I was not around so as to not attempt me. This is love and support and does not go unnoticed or unappreciated by any means at all. My tribe!!! I had good friends checking in on me and seeing if I needed anything at all. Again, that is the tribe, the positive people you allow in your life who support your endeavors and trust your need to become healthier spirituality, mentaly and physically.

When I arose on day three I was believing in and ready to receive another day full of energy and vibrancies. I awoke to a body who felt low on energy and not exactly happy. I decided not to dwell on that and push through asking God to continue his guidance with his spiritual awakening he gifted me with during this fast. I was no longer craving food or drink of any sort by now and was mainly focused on listening and talking with God. I had enough energy to do the basic life stuff but what was happening is I was becoming very calm and still. I was gentle and passive. I felt no need to have one up on someone. No need to argue, no need to freak out, no need to be aggressive. No feelings of inadequacies or insecurities. Just quiet and calm but still very alert. I felt a moment of peace and rest which tuned into the remainder of the fast. This calmness I called, "BE STILL". It was like everything around me and inside me was in a slo mo mode of operation. It was different and I felt like I needed to stay this way for the rest of my life. I started questioning how my food choices may be effecting me both mentally and spiritually prior to the five day fast. I felt like God was bringing that to my attention. I would consider myself a healthy eater for the most part, but was he showing me that I needed to go deeper with cleaner eating or was he showing me that I needed to go deeper spiritually or both. Was he telling me in order to stay in his presence for longer periods I would need to get those two things right? I really enjoyed this phase of the fast and was most grateful for the length of time I was doused in his presence.

Waking up on day four and knowing I had to stand before the church congregation and deliver my speech did not scare me anymore. I knew God was abolsulty there for me. I also enjoyed when I woke up Sunday morning,that I did not have to ughh through my Sunday fast day cause I was already there. That was a positive note. Ever since that five day fast, my long fast on Sundays has been a breeze! Another benefit of going through the five day water fast. After we gave our presentation, the church peeps had the opportunity to sign up for the small group classes and according to Jeremy, our class filled up with a waiting list in less than five minutes. Thanks be to Jesus! Was I worried prior to the fast people would not sign up? Absolutely. That is the enemy working on my insecurities. Was I worried about that while I was standing in his utmost presence? Not even for a second. Was I pleasantly surprised when I was told the gift of " your class is full and has a waiting list" Tears of joy streamed my face and my mind raced with praises to God as I know he was filling my love tank! I went to sleep that night filling complelty full in life. The next day would be my last day of fasting and I was actually having feelings of wanting to keep fasting because of the life line to God was so amazing. I did not want to loose that feeling of his coveted presence.

Day five came and went all while I stayed in his presence and enjoyed his blessings. I watched the blessings come in over my family members and knew why they were coming during this time period. This was some really deep stuff I was witnessing of which I was previously involved in. I recognized each blessing right away and was extremely grateful. I saw the owl, Chardonnay every day of the fast and sometimes twice and then she disappeared once the fast ended. We have heard other owls hooting near our property but have never seen one since. As day five came to an end, I had to plan my first meal out properly. You can not just eat anything after you have gone five days with only drinking water. I choose a seafood bone broth. My body handled it well. I had two bowls and I was stuffed!!! The result weight loss was 14 pounds to which I mainly attribute to inflammation as I was drinking 128 ounces of water per day. It was not much water weight loss. After eating and drinking I gained six back and I have managed to keep the rest off. Now I have reaped all the benefits from fasting and reset my nutritional goals all while going deeper with Jesus. Again one of the best experiences of my life and I am looking forward to the next fast. I hope I have inspired you to consider fasting in one form or another and remember to consult your doctor before venturing off into a long fast.

God Bless,


This little addition is late coming in as I over looked two downloads from God. When I previously recalled and wrote this blog on my five day water fast. I could have ignored adding this portion but it keeps weighing on my mind, so I have to write about it. The first being a sweet member from my congregation approached me gracefully in regards to reviewing a nutrition course she was going to teach second semester in her home schooling program. Initially I felt flustered to except the honor of the review as satin was working hard on my heart trying to convince me I was not worthy to even teach my own Living Well Nutrition and Wellness course! After praying and thinking about it I told her since it was second semester, after I was done teaching my own course, I would gladly review it for her. She was absolutely delighted I obliged her. I did contact her and once I started reviewing her course I realized her material was up to par and much of it would have been great added to my own course! I missed part of the download people!!! Working on forgiving myself on that one. The second came in the form of a precious 70 year old Noritake china 12 piece setting. I could write a whole blog on this event, but just know God fulfills our hearts and plans is so many ways. I received a notification on my phone from local Marketplace that there was a brand new never out of the box Noritake china set with all the serving pieces all for a $100! As I was writing my 9 week schedule for this class, I had planned a " Last Supper" for the last meeting of our class and now I had the beautiful dishes to serve my people on! God never fails!